The AV_MIO Programmable Visualizer is a platform designed to allow real-time control of timed visuals.  It allows you to pre-program your own ANSI based designs or perform realtime using hardware or software with MIDI output.

With this kit, you can use the original firmware, or by swapping in a new firmware chip (approx cost $10 extra)
you gain expanded functionality as new firmware is released.

Current firmware chips available are:
01) The original ANSI firmware
02) The VideoBit firmware (avail summer 2011)

New AV_MIO firmware : VideoBit:

VideoBit firmware works with custom software for windows, apple & linux, which takes any live video feed or a pre-recorded video file, crunches it into 255Byte frames and sends it over a serial line at 4 frames per second. The AV_MIO receives the video and puts it directly into the video ram emulator.  Then it's output by the AV_MIO to the location of your choice.

Video of unit outputting ANSI video with upcoming VideoBit firmware update


The AV_MIO has MIDI, USB connection for programming, RCA video output & is available in NTSC or PAL versions, as a kit or pre-assembled.

Kit: $135
Assembled: $200

    for availability if interested as stock is limited.

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