All-in-One DPSS Laser Technical Specifications    

532nm (Green)
All-in-1 DPSS Laser

The All-In-One DPSS laser series are built to laboratory standards, and are well suited towards scientific research related tasks due to their very high quality.  They are also the laser system of choice for the laser-show enthusiast for a lot of the same reasons.
They do have a slightly higher price than the separate-power-supply DPSS series, but are well worth it.  Customer references on request.

Technical Specifications:

For the 20mw to 200mw models:
Beam divergence is an astonishingly low 0.5 mrad.

For the 20mw to 250mw models:

Dimensions:   200mm L x 60mm W x 56mm H     ( In inches: 7.87 L x 2.36 W x 2.2 H )  
Mounting: M6 / 1/4-20 slots in base plate (front and back)
Weight: 1.0 kg (2.2 Lbs)
 Operating Temperature Range:  18 - 30 C (64.4 - 86 F)

On the 250mw & 300mw models:

Beam quality (M2)   < 1.2
Beam Ellipsoid %   < 10% , TEMoo  ( see note #1 below )
Pointing Drift   < 0.02 mrad per hour
Power Stability   < 5% average over 8 hours
Beam Diameter (1/e2)    < 1.5 mm
Beam divergence   1.2 mrad ( see note #2 below )
Life time:    > 5000 hours

Note #1: The beam output by the pump diode is not the circular beam that we are used to seeing from an ion laser thus complex beam shaping optics must be used. The pump diode has a "fast" axis in which the beam diverges widely, and a "slow" axis in which the beam diverges far less.  The beam shaping optics are used to make the beam from the pump diode as round as possible.  It is usually not possible to make a perfectly round beam, so most DPSS lasers have a slightly elliptical beam where the beam can be as much as 2X bigger in one axis in some of the cheaper lasers.  However, in our all-in-one series lasers detailed on this page, the beam is under 10% bigger in one axis making it almost round.

Note #2: The 250mw & 300mw models are also available in a "Pro series" which are almost identical to the regular series except that they are slightly longer and have advanced optics so as to provide a very low divergence of 0.5 mrad.  There is an additional charge of $ 150 USD per unit for the pro series.  All lasers mentioned on this page have 30 to 50 KHZ digital TTL blanking via BNC input.  Analogue blanking is available as a $ 100 USD per unit optional upgrade.

The 300mw , 500mw & 1 watt models come as a two-piece unit with a separate laser head and power supply.

Info on the 500mw & 1 watt models:

Beam Ellipticity   < 10% - TEM00  ( see note #1 above )  
Beam Diameter 2mm
  Beam divergence   1.5 mrad
Life time > 7500 hours

Dimensions/Weight:   Please ask me for specifics.  They are slightly larger and heavier than the 250 & 300mw models.

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All lasers are TE / Peltier cooled, require between 110 and 240 VAC, and conform to CDRH, UL & CE standards.
Lasers have 30 to 50 KHZ TTL digital modulation inputs standard unless otherwise mentioned.  Analog modulation available as an slightly higher priced option on the all-in-one models.
Stated output power is guaranteed as a minimum, during warranty period, although the actual output power will usually initially be at least 5 to 10+% higher when shipped from the factory - We want our clients to be more than happy!   If you ever have any questions, either before or after your purchase, please do contact us.  If you want to chat on the phone, please include your phone # in your email, we'll promptly call you on our dime.  All lasers are sold as OEM components unless otherwise mentioned, or you specifically contract with us to build you a custom system.
Please also see our main consumer DPSS page for info on higher power lasers & more.
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Warranty: All lasers include 1 year parts & labour - in the rare case a failure occurs, you will be required to return the laser to the factory at your own expense, wait between 2 and 7 days, then the repaired or replaced laser will be sent by courier back to you at the factory's expense.  All lasers are rated a minimum of 5,000 hours expected lifetime, failure after this duration means the replacement of the diode and or crystal, which will likely cost at least 1/2 of a new laser cost, however you are fully covered for the 1 year warranty.
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