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Intro:  We're still working on finalizing sponsors and other stuff for our next major contest - lots of hardware giveaways there, more news in the near future. (if you would like to sponsor, write me) ..But, yesterday I got a call from MR. J who I hadn't spoken to in a long while, and he is doing visuals for MR. R that I've known for a long time, and is the man behind a pretty huge outdoor festival near here this coming weekend.  Anyway, MR. J was a bit short of time having just recently realized the dream of opening his own club, and contacted me to help him out.  Now I'm a bit short on time myself lately, but...I agreed to help him out as my time allowed.  

Now the funny thing is this...Sponsorship....I've really shyed away from stuff that gets too "commercial" throughout my life, but now and again I will find myself mixing logo's of friends clothing labels, but that's really about it.  I'm really not into corporate sponsorship stuff.  But the reality is, maybe I should be - it pays right?  I think for me it comes down to whether I believe in the sponsor's vision.  Beer's a funny thing...ya I drink it, but I'm not sure if it's exactly something I want to help promote.  But anyway, having made a commitment to help MR. J out, here I am.  

Now here you are :) or could be.  Here's your chance to help push beer on party goers!  The contest is this:

Grab the provided Coor's Light logo (deleted) - Optionally search the net for any additional Coors light resources you deem appropriate.

Now take those images into whatever software you use, and screw with it.  Please note that the Coors light logo or reference does not have to appear at all times, you can intersperse your rendition of it with original/sampled content to your hearts desire, so long as it does not contain any content that might be offensive or inappropriate to all potential viewers (I'll trust your judgment on this).  Wrap the logos around 3D objects as texture maps, plop your ipas filters on them, kaleidoscopasize them interwoven into brain melting plasmatic modulatory wobulations...  you get the idea...  Output your final brainwashing videomix as a 320 by 240 QuickTime .mov file in a codec that is preferably cross platform (eg: cinepak, sorenson, indeo)
and when you're ready to submit your mix (any length you want, 5min+ is better) then email me brief details and your contact info, and I will reply with FTP info, so you can send me your file(s).  

Noon update: I just got off the phone with MR. J, and it seems like I've only got a very small amount of money to work with.  I will chip in a bit of my own, and offer only 1 Prize, to the best entry, selected by myself and friends at a BBQ I'm going to this Sunday.  The prize will be one of our 12mw green DPSS laser systems.  Shipped to you via airmail sometime next week.

-You've until approx NOON GMT this THURSDAY to complete your entry.  
-All entries will be compiled to CDR, DVDR or VHS tape (ntsc OR pal), and sold at my cost, which essentially means you just pay the cost of shipping, so I don't go broke on this.
-Excerpts of submissions may be posted online for viewing/downloading.
-I'm not making a penny off this deal, it was just a wacky impulsive idea.  I have no affiliation or agreement with Coors Light or the electronic music festival they are sponsoring, it's just being done as a bit of a favour for MR. J who will present the entries mixed in with other footage on two huge screens on either side of the main stage in front of 10,000+ people.
-The main stage plays predominantly trance music, so keep this in mind, your visuals should go to a bit of an unheard beat.
These contest rules are now firm, and will not change.  If you have any brief questions, feel free to write.  ok.. thanks! 8)

Tuesday afternoon update: People have been asking if .mpg is ok, yes MPEG-2 is divine.  My main goal is to ensure cross platform (mac/pc) playability I don't want to have to be doing any media cleaning if you know what I mean.  

Our entrant's were:  (I will comment briefly on the entries received shortly - eventually will be linking to online low-rez previews of their work)

-Dis-assembler -
-Fitz-Dilation -
-Marco Gavini -
-NienzusPlastorm -
-PlastikWrap -
-Synesthetic -
-VJ Eniac -
-Volando VJ -

August 6th update - winner announced!: Our winner has been contacted, and I am shipping him his laser today.  Who is it?  Ok, I'll tell...It's: James Brundage, (Synesthetic) of Ohio, USA.  You can download his winning entry here (140 megs, mpeg file, if using PC, hold right mouse button, and select "save as" - if using mac, just hold down your mouse button, and save the file to your HD).  Synesthetic's entry took footage of many current Coor's Light TV commercials, and remixed them into a 13.5 minute A/V mix with music.  There were many other fantastic entries, and it was a hard choice, but I had to decide on someone, and after watching them all several times, I decided on his.  I have put the all the entries on my loop server, or you can get them on CDR as described below.

Thanks to all that entered - I will send you all the double CDR set of the entries by airmail, along with a copy of Pixylight's & SpaceDub Vibrations latest DVD, paid for by me, with proceeds going to help Pixylight in Europe.  For the rest of you that want the double CDR set of the Coor's entries by mail, just go to Pixylight's community page, and buy his incredible DVD A/V mix for $15, and I will ship the Coor's double CDR set free with your order.  Thanks.
PS: the double CDR set of the contest entries is also available alone (free, but you pay for the cost of postage (a few dollars) if you want to do it that way, please write me here.

more news on our next contest soon....start getting your VCD/DVD VJ Promo discs ready, that will be one of the categories in our next contest!

ps: another VJ contest that is running right now that you might want to check out is sponsored by TWIX !

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