VCD & DVD mini "discman's" For Sale!        

Our expenses to host this site and our loop server are increasing lately, and it's draining my resources.  So to be able to continue to do everything we want to, one of the things I decided to do was to sign up for an affiliate program with a local company that sells products of use to VJ's.  When you click through on the graphic images below to go to the store site for more info - if you end up purchasing some of their great products, AudioVisualizers will get 10 % of your total purchase.  So you can get wicked portable VJ hardware and help support us at the same time.  Thanks in advance! :)  -dave

I've got one of Supertek "AV Baby" VCD discman's, 
the BENQ DVDman, and one of the newest 6 inch PAL/NTSC LCD monitors, and I'm pleased to say they all work as advertised, were shipped fast, and I'm very happy with them.

If you need VCD videomix content for your new player, then head on over to our VCD Store!

PS: The BENQ DVDman manual mentions optional firewire support with an optional cable, but I have not tested this.  The USB interface works great on a PC, but I have not tried it yet for the mac.

Some other stuff where we get a commission on follows:

      Speed Tribe is an audio visual journey into the world famous Le Mans endurance car race featuring a fusion of specially composed 5.1 surround sound electronica, urban beats and ambient soundscapes. The original music on both the DVD and CD is composed and mixed by legendary Belgian producers Daniel Bressanutti and Patrick Codenys of Front 242, and is their first-ever surround sound release. Speed Tribe truly represents how electronic music will be created and experienced in years to come.
  We get a few dollars for every purchase. :)

iBall 3D Colour Display Ball

iBall Specification     additional info in word format here.  We are pleased to announce we are now selling the full iBall line of products.

For more info including prices, please see our iBall+ page here.

The Terapin VCD Recorder

(we receive 5% of all sales)

The ArtPrice Artist Search Tool


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