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July 2003 - volume 1 .

The VJ community has managed to bridge the gap between online and real-world enthusiasm, as we collectively share our visions with the world and celebrate the light within us.  8)
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For our introductory issue, with special permission of the author, we bring you a step-by-step guide on
How to create a 3D video camera system using cheap cmos board cameras. 

    This article will show you how to generate stereoscopic 3D video, which can be displayed a television or VGA monitor, and viewed using liquid crystal shutter glasses, a head-mounted display, or with polarized 3D video projection techniques.  Applications for such a camera include 3D video footage collection and projection, robots, telepresence experiments, stationary observatories, radio-controlled vehicles and other vehicles where the operator would benefit from viewing the world three-dimensionally.

The text is broken into several sections. Section 2, How the System Works describes, well, how it works. This section introduces the basic ideas behind synchronizing board cameras and generating the stereo view, and describes system component options. Section 2 also discusses stereo ranging, how the stereo camera module can be applied to robot vision, and some of the problems that are associated with stereo ranging.

Sections 3 and 4, Cameras and Synchronization Circuit Board, comprise the main part of the book because they deal with how to identify the cameras that can be used, how to modify them, and, at the circuit level, how to synchronize them. Cameras describes which board cameras can be used for stereoscopic viewing, how the cameras should be modified for use in the module, and the method of synchronizing the cameras. Several board cameras are identified which can be used; vendors’ contact information is included. Synchronization Circuit Board describes the circuit functions needed for the module, including the video switch, reset timer, and shutter control. This section includes timing diagrams for the more interesting signals, schematic and bill of materials.

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entire article as pdf - download circuit artwork: pc or mac

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