Our Wolfe Island Arcade - Inbetween CANADA & USA

During the summer months, we operate an Arcade on Wolfe Island, in the thousand islands district. This is a unique location, as the island serves as a link between Canada and the USA, with ferries coming and going every half hour. Aside from the natural beauty, and several small shops, there's not enough to satisfy the short attention spans of the crowds of children, who accompany their tourist parents, not to mention the permanent and summer residents of the island. Thus this offers us a perfect opportunity to locate our games in a revenue generating environment, before they are tuned up for perfection and sold to the discriminating home collector like yourself. We also donate 50% of our net revenue back to the community, contributing funds to a program to train Wolfe Island children new technological skills ranging from internet design, to audio/video production.

Co-Location Operations and Opportunities

If you run a business within Southern-Ontario and would be interested in having a pinball or arcade game
located in your place of business on a profit sharing basis, please contact us for more information.

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