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Shipping & Delivery Information


You are welcome to pick up your purchase from us if able, we have three locations where games
are kept:
-Wolfe Island, Ontario, Canada, a short ferry ride from Cape Vincent, NY, USA.
-Kingston, Ontario, Canada (15 min from Prescott, New York)
-Toronto, Ontario, Canada


We are able to deliver in Southern/Central Ontario, Quebec and Western New York State very often, And to the following states depending on schedule and other factors: New York, New Jersey, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, & Viginia.

We SHIP to all other areas of Canada, United States and the WORLD!
And are now BONDED CUSTOMS shippers.


Good news: Due to the volume of machines we are shipping each month, I have worked out a deal with our
cartage broker, and are now able to offer even LOWER PRICES and FASTER SERVICE, for door-to-door delivery direct
to your office or residence. Can you believe we are able to have your machine TO YOUR DOOR IN 5 BUSINESS
DAYS OR LESS anywhere in North America, after we receive payment? We are now able to accept VISA for some
items, to get things settled even faster! OVERSEAS service is available prepaid or freight collect to your closest major airport IN TWO DAYS!

Games are brought from the warehouse to the airport, go by air to a major distribution point, then are put on a truck and delivered to your door. Rate depends on distance and weight, but ranges from $35 to $45 USD per 100 pounds and includes to your door delivery in major airport areas & their suburbs. Should delivery be required outside of the general area of the major airport city, there will be an additional charge of 12 cents per lb, minimum $25 USD. Insurance is optional & adds 30 cents per $100 USD of coverage, but there is a minimum charge of $25 USD What this all means, is that you're looking at a charge of $105 to $150 on average for TO YOUR DOOR delivery in 5 business days or less, 3 being typical.

Overseas: Delivery either to the closest major airport, or to your door, in 2 DAYS!
Cost ranges from $225 to $350.

CRATING: Normal packaging is free and includes cardboard, banding and shrink wrapping.
This is fine for video games, but for pinballs, you might want to consider the following option:

Obviously shipping a pinball machine is as bit more complex than sending a vcr or whatever.
Essentially, whereas the majority of pinball sellers stick things on a pallet, add some cardboard
and shrinkwrap, we generally sell to the more discriminating collector, who is usually prepared
to pay a bit extra (not for us, to pay the carpenter/cost of wood) and construct a full body, proper
custom crate. This obviously adds to the preparation cost, usually in the realm of $90 USD,
then you have to pay for shipping, but this is an option you might consider.

This is the shop where we build custom crates for your treasures! This is an electromechanical pinball, in a custom crate and pallet. The head is done separately, then everything banded together.

Newer pins are done all in one, as the head folds down onto the main body.

email with your full shipping address for an exact quote, or if you have any further questions.

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