Formal Education

This section provides VideoArt related universities and colleges. Should you wish to go this route, you better work hard, because MFA's ( the usual choice in this field ) are pretty darn expensive! Some initial resources are listed, if you know of others, please update us!

Rensselaer Graduate Studies
MFA in Electronic Arts
They get my FIVE STARS rating!

Program for Art on Film @ Columbia University
2875 Broadway, 2nd flr
New York, NY, 10025-7805, USA.
(212) 854 9570 -Institute for Experimental Art Studies -one of my fav schools for experimental video/media art -another good experimental video/media art university program

The University of Maryland Baltimore County's Imaging and Digital Arts MFA program offers an interdisciplinary approach to technology-based practices in the visual arts. The program integrates digital media, video, film, photography, installation, and art theory and criticism, and promotes community discourse between faculty and students as peers. Graduate research and teaching assistantships, tuition waivers, grants and awards are available. Visit for an overview of the program. To receive application materials or to arrange a tour of the department call: (410)-455-2150 or email: Applications accepted through March 15, 2000.

Robyn Tomlin recently informed me that Syracuse University offers a dedicated art video program & a 3 yr MFA fellowship
for it, which is just for the dept.  They accept 2-3 new students each yr. and also have a major in art vid undergrad.

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