WorldWide VJ Listings

I have done extensive research to locate VJ's the world over. -  This is our old listing, provided here strictly for historical reasons.  You really should look at our updated searchable VJ LISTINGS GLOSSARY.

Contact and link info included where known. Alias/Group name may be have only been used for one show on some occasions. Please provide us with updated info if you can fill in some of our blanks. Many links here are also in the main links area, which will be organized shortly.

If you want a dedicated page (or more) highlighting your VJ act, I require at least one picture, be it of you, your equipment, your output, or whatever. AVI's or other content 20 megs and under is also accepted for FREE hosting on our VJ server. Click on the "provide" link above to forward your info.  Note: Groups who have dedicated pages & content, have larger sized fonts.  Please consider counting yourself among them.

04 Retcka
Info to follow when available

2up Technologies
Contact: Randy Jones
Location: Seattle, WA, USA.

20/20 Visuals
Contact: Kim

Contact: Takumi Takahashi
Website: soon...
Notes: I currently belong to a visual unit named ; [me]jual+ArtiFX .  Performing monthly @ Club Asia with several DJ's and the whole event is called : Sound Alchemy - mixing elements of sound and visuals to create new environment, back to ancient times and coming back to today. I am writing my own code to perform VJ  in both 2d and 3d - real time.

Acme Entertainment
Notes: Freaky Frank of Visual Mantra started this visuals and production company based in LA, CA, USA.  Now DEFUNCT.

Alchemic Visual Department

Alien F/X

Contact: Stone Cannizzaro
Location: Houston, TX, USA.
Residency: SPY, PRAUGE, LAVA.
Notes: visual artist and live vj since97'; other skills: lighting programmer. I provide  high energy, realtime multilayer video-mixing from tape, dvd, pc's, cameras, atari falcon. Mobile rack system allows for easy travel. We have currently provided visuals for events in all areas of texas as well as events in LA & OK.  multi-screen visuals for: raves, clubs, special events.
Contact Info: (713) 409 9333

Alien Right Brain
Contact Name: Jason Ayers
Address: 4727 East Warner Road #2009
City: Phoenix
State: Arizona
Postal/Zip Code: 85044
Country: United States
Phone Number: (602) 592-0350

Alien SubRetinal Partnership
Location: Israel

Almost Blue Inc
Contact Name: Bjarne Haug
Address: Brydes Alle 23, 7
City: Copenhagen S
Postal/Zip Code: 2300
Country: Denmark
Phone Number: 32977264



Ararat Productions
Contact Name: David Forbus
City: Houston
State: Texas
Country: United States
Brief Notes: Built his own video wall

Location: Europe
Brief Notes: Developed Xpose VJ soft. Have worked w/JM Jarre.

Astral Scapes

Contact: Philip Benn
Location: Brooklyn, NY, USA.

Atomick Media Fusion

Located in Europe

Contact Name: David Eagan
Location: Toronto, ON, CANADA
Brief Notes: Well this is my site, and my listing, so...

Brief Notes: Voodoo2/3 based 3D virtual performers dance to music. Custom Software, available by request to other VJ's.
Main Notes: Autopilot creates virtual go-go dancers for clubs, raves, parties and corporate events. The dancers are simulated and controlled in real-time, so they can respond instantly to the changing intensity of the music and the crowd. Our custom software runs on 3Dfx Voodoo accelerator cards and requires a Pentium-II class system or better. We've been running since October 1998 and in that time have performed at a number of events including Glastonbury, Burning Man, Tribal Gathering, Southport Dance Music weekender, Casio G-Club, Return To The Source, Wiggle, and many others. We will shortly be announcing a licensing program for our current- and next-generation software. We welcome collaboration and often perform as guests of other VJ companies. For a demo tape, contact

Location: JAPAN

Axis Visuals
Brief Notes: Have their own custom soft

Bart van der Ploeg
Notes: is making his own Vj software


Ben Tripe

Bergaspace projections

Location: Cologne, Germany.
Contact: Marcel Panne 

Billy Sulivan
Location: Montreal, Quebec, CANADA

Bionic Dots
City: New York City
State: New York
Country: United States


Burrau Destruct - 3D Orbit
Notes: VRML Worlds and mpgs avail on website.

Butler Brothers
Location: Europe

Contact Name: Mike Caprice
Address: 25 Maiden Lane
City: West Hartford
State: Connecticut
Postal/Zip Code: 06117
Country: United States
Phone Number: (860) 279-4926

Carol Goss
Has been doing shows for longer than most of us!


Channel Three
Contacts: VJ Gar, VJ Des, VJ Hugo
Contact name: Desmond Germans
Mailing Info: Channel Three, VoF St. Janstraat, 39 1011 HG, Amsterdam
Phone #: +31-6-218-33-874
Location: Netherlands
Website: (pix of performance, screenshots of their VJ software)
Brief Notes: They have their own custom VJ software
Equipment list: Software currently runs on any kind of Windows, Silicon Graphics or Linux machine. For performances we use one or two PCs, scan converters (Analog Way), and whatever postprocessing equipment is available (usually an MX-50 with some sort of basic setup for multiple beamers).
Act Description:: Using our software video synthesizers, we attempt to add live visuals to whatever the DJ is doing. Contrary to using prerecorded videotapes, or prerendered AVI-sequences, we generate everything -live-. More information: surf to and get our software. It will be available everywhere in Europe somewhere in the beginning of 2000.
Active Since: September, 1997.

Choice Video
Notes: Freaky Frank of Visual Mantra was a partner in this visuals company before he moved on to start Acme Entertainment.  Choice Video was based in LA, CA, USA.  Now DEFUNCT.

Chris Mills
Location: Toronto, CANADA
Brief Notes: He's a video artist & freelance VJ. He produces HMV/TV for a major music chain, and frequently works with the local VJ group Projektor.

Contact: John Power

Circus Maximus
Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Phone #: (514) 938-5252
Info: Primarily uses film projectors (8,16,35mm)

Clan Analogue
Location: Austrailia
Affiliation: Subvertigo

Contact: Matt Black
Location: Europe
Brief Notes: Electronic music and multimedia innovators, Co-development the VJ software: VJAMM with CamArt.

Cosmic Bug

Cosmo Kino
Location: Belgium

Contact: Maurice Space
City: Eindhoven
Country: Netherlands
Phone: +31 06 26506120
Webpage: soon
Notes: I'm into audio and video for several years now, and I don't know which profession could be more alive then audio and video.
Tape Trades: For interest in a demo tape call on the phone or email.



Clearwater Studios

Cresent City


Contact: Geert Mul
Location: Holland
Notes: Affiliated with Liquid Media

CyberLab 7
Contact: Dan Mapes
Location: San Francisco, CA, USA.
Address: 135 Townsend St. #608, SF, CA, 94107
Email: (this email may be invalid)
Notes: CyberLab 7 have created a proprietary video synthesizer for use in their performances. I am in the process of researching details at this point, if you have any additional info, please CONTRIBUTE it. Thanks!
History: CyberLab 7, founded by Dam Mapes, is a virtual medialab of artists and technologists exploring 3rd millennium perspectives. With a core team of over 30 people and an extended community of approximately 100, they have a large resource of talent and skills. Ages range from 16 to 50 years & skills cover everything from 3D animation to dance, from object-oriented programming to existential psychology. Dialogue is invited on how to make life a more ecstatic experience for more of the world's population.


Location: Tokyo, JAPAN
Notes: My "video mixing console V-5" is very cool. Visual real time switching play is most exciting VJ scene at Japan, and do you know? It's Hyper speed crossfade play on manual. This play is crazy flashing and beautiful syncronize with DJ playing sound. V-5 is best selection on visual switch respons and durability . VJ D-Style & VJ MION are most high speed hallucination VJplayer at Tokyo Japan . Yeah!!

Dandelion Collective
Contact Name: Topherz
City: Seattle
State: Washington
Postal/Zip Code: 98122
Country: United States
Phone Number: (206) 860-1135

David Tristram
Location: California.
Notes: His main claim to fame is some interesting software he wrote for SGI & Windows.  He's also a founding member of Raster Masters ( ) & still does shows using mini systems (one computer, one deck.)


Deconstructed Cinema

Ded Hvore

Deep Blue Sea
Location: Montreal, Quebec, CANADA
Phone #: (514) 982-2535

Demo Mod Otaku
Contact: Hideo Ikeuchi
Notes: Author of the wicked VJ DeMoTracker software
Trade Tapes: No

Detroit Bomb Squad

D-Fuse ART
Location: Europe

Digital Media
Contact: Dan Mapes
Location: California, USA
Brief Notes: The man behind IS?TV -hi-end vid performance art more concert VJ oriented. worked w/Billy Idol

Digital Sketches

Dimension Se7en
Contact: Todd Jaquith
Location: San Francisco, California, USA.
Notes: I've been a VJ close to 3 years now, mostly been mixing video on a Panasonic MX-50, and now I'm looking to incorporate computer programs into the mix. Eventually, I'd like be using a MIDI keyboard to freak the mix a bit with some fast graphics.

Dionysus Dreams


Double Helix

Dr. Hypnotika

Dr. Paradise



Dream Escape
Brief Notes: More music oriented, but they VJ too! Very well done website & frequent live webcasts.

Dream Team
City: Albany
State: New York
Country: United States
Affiliation: Port 23 Collective


DTV Mania
Location: Japan
Brief Notes: They have a web site, I'll locate it soon

Notes: I am a dutch video watchamacallit. Together with my friend Mark I give videoperformances at parties, and we try to make fun things  with old and cheap tech we can find. Low end means to reach high end results. We also work with a dutch drum'n'bass band, who have their second CD out now and require a videoclip and a presentation/concert. Mark is by origin a graphic designer and I have been trained as a network specialist. Everybody makes mistakes is all I have to say about that.
In my spare time I hunt for any software I can run on anything from old 486 boxes to 3dfx enhanced beasts. 

EBN - ( Emergency Broadcast Network )
Location: USA
Brief Notes: Pioneering cut-up videosampling wizards. high profile gigs, recently MTV video award show. Current members are split between different cities, with Gardener Post still performing as EBN in NYC.
Website: unfortunately none at present, but maybe soon!

EFX Research
City: Boise
State: Idaho
Country: United States
Phone Number: (208) 336-7340

EG Visuals

El Kabong
Contact: Geoff Marshall
Location: Toronto, CANADA
Brief Notes: Seldom seen in the scene, has VJ'd at some Tribe magazine parties, a local rave mag.

Electrolux 28
Located in California

Encore Performance

Endorphin Images
Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Notes: We specialize in interactive visuals. Our shows have lots of Custom made CG, Fractals, videos, video games, etc. Basically anything that looks cool. We always try to make a new computer animated scene for every show we do.

Eplex Productions

Esoteric Productions
Location: Atlanta
Notes: We specialize in new media (motion graphics, video, multimedia, future graphics,etc...). We also create chill-out rooms for raves with original video projections (w/ video mixing) and far-out decor creating an interesting vibe.

ES Productions

Eye Scream
This company was started by Jake Mcguire, and based in LA.  Now DEFUNCT, Jake now only does lighting for Electric Sky Church.


Contact: Maikel de Laat
Location: Eindhoven, the Netherlands
website: very soon!
Info: I started in 1998 with live visuals for supporting the dutch techno/industrial band arte.fa(t 
( ) At that time i wrote the first version of my custom software. The software enabled me to switch between 5 AVI files and add some simple effects. Right now, I work with some other bands also, and  i'm working on new software that has a modular architecture and interface. It will contain modules for AVI/MPG playing, video capturing, DVD playing, audio visualization, etc. It makes use of two monitors, one for the user interface and the other one for video output. The most interesting feature of my new program is that some effects can be controlled through a cell-phone connection. This means that a party visitor can dial in to my computer and control some of the visuals components themselves. 


Factory Visuals
Contact Name: Gary M Davis
City: Orlando
State: Florida
Country: United States

Fantasy Visuals
Contacts: Adam Pierce & Paul Richardson

Feedback Galore

Fire Fly

Location: UK
Affiliation: FutureShock Productions
Contact: Bookings: +44 (0) 467 684317

Fish Talk

For Your Eye
Contact: Gery
Location: Austrailia


Location: LA, CA, USA.
Notes: Now seldom performing, he wasn't too much of a VJ, actually he did mostly film loops and lighting with some minor dabblings in screensavers and projectors.
FuriFuri Co.
Location: Japan


Genetic Light

Location: Europe

Contact: Glenn Millar
Notes: I come from a music production background but I have recently become more involved in AV/VJ projects - I recently returned to Scotland from France where a friend and I had been invited to do a VJ performance at Culture Commune. I have been asked to go to Amsterdam to do some more for a promotions company. My web site has a fuller description of what's been happening and some realvideo streaming stuff. I thought it might be of interest. I'll be posting up some more recent stuff there soon.

Location: Japan

Contact: Russell
Location: Europe
Affiliation: ColdCut, & Hexstatic
Brief Notes: aka HeadSpace Module - Russell is the coder of VJAMM which was a collaboration between his company camART , and the COLDCUT folk.

Heavier Than Gravity Visuals
City: Orlando
State: Florida
Country: United States
Residency: CyberZone
Notes: Sound/Video/Lights/Custom Graphix

Hello to Extra
Location: Japan

Contact name: Jelle Herold
Location: Netherlands
Notes: I use selfwritten software which is capable of simple video synthesizing, 2d playback mixing sequencing and effects. You can control it over a network. I also use selfbuild hardware, like a control panels and a beat syncer. My software is also capable of controlling external electronic devices, like light effects, lasers etc...

Location: UK
Brief Notes: HEX are now defunct. They were a collaboration between coldcut/hexstatic/rob pepperell & used SGI boxes.

Contact: Stuart Warren Hill
Location: Europe
Brief Notes: They are ninja tune recording artists as well as being VJ's & co-creators of the COLDCUT track 'timber'

Hocus Pocus

Contact: Jon
Location: 6920 Roosevelt Way NE, Suite 172, Seattle WA 98115, USA.
Phone: (206) 682 8689


Hub Sound & Vision

Hyperdelic Video
Contact: Dave Richardson

Contact Name: Russell Vaz
Location: Montreal, Quebec, CANADA
Phone: (514) 576-2453

I-Mag Video

Image Collective Toyko
Notes: We are ICT, Image Collective Tokyo. We mix video with computer graphics for club events, concerts and outdoor parties. We will be having quicktimes on our site soon. Please take a look! Thanks.
Contacts: Dave Hodge - Brother Superior, Kevin Jones - Spindry, Brad Bennett - Racer X.

Imagine X Productions

Makes the wicked eyecandy software Blisspaint. Located in California.


Infernal Triga
Notes: Have their own VJ software

Infinite Vision
Contact: Dominic
Location: Montreal, Quebec, CANADA
Phone #: (514) 499-3618
Notes: Organic Photograpy

Infinium Digital Imaging


Location: Holland

Jason Gee

Jason Twelve - Video Ninja
Email: <>

Jector Arts Massive Dayglo


Contact: Mike Sterling
Location: London, England.
Website: in association with: ninjatune: - coldcut piratetv tour
Notes: VJ Name History: "CATONKHAT" 94-96, "MIKETV" 97/98, "JUXTA" 99/00 and was VJ'ing for numerous years in Scotland and the north of England under various names.

Location: Europe



City: New York City
State: New York
Phone Number: (212) 260-3182

Location: Denmark?

KOPF Productions
Contact: Erik
Notes: AudioVisual Mind-Design & Reality ReMIX
Laws Of Robotics

LCD 25
Location: Montreal, Quebec, CANADA
Phone #: (514) 526-5357

Liquid Media
Contact: Koot
Location: Holland
Notes: Affiliated with Cut-Up


LSD Lumitech

Larger than Life

Laser M Matt

Light Fantasik

Light Surgeons
UK - consist of Andy Firman, Andy Flywheel, & Chris Allen.


Liquid Lights


Lucid Visions

Location: Seattle, WA, USA.
Notes: Lasers only.


Mark Johns

Mark Video

Masayuki Kodaira
Location: Tokyo, Japan

Math Sound Workshop


Media Shamen VJ-Team
Location: Europe

MegaTripolis (Oneye)

Mind Media

Miss Hell
Location: San Francisco, CA.
Contact: Michele
Notes: Miss Hell has been doing visuals in San Francisco for nearly ten years now.  Currently she mixes video at a club on friday nights called Hai Karate at the Hush Hush Lounge.  She doesn't have a web site yet, but is working on it.  

Contact: Bill Bradley

Contact: Joe Maas & others
Location: UK
Brief Notes: Pioneering software, you gotta check the site!

Contact: Grant Muir
Country: Australia

Motion Dive
Location: Japan
Brief Notes: Very cool shocked site, Custom VJ software, wicked!!!

MultiMedia Meltdown
Contact Name: Matt
City: San Francisco
State: California
Country: United States
Phone Number: (510) 848-3375


Mutagen Neurovisual Deprogramming
Contact Name: Brian Bartram
City: Athens and Atlanta
State: Georgia
Postal/Zip Code: 30601 and 30114
Country: United States 

Mutant Media
Contact Name: Rachael Johnston
Location: Austraila
Notes: ...Mutate*Create*Recycle... We formed by total accident four years ago, and since then, a flippant hobby has turned into a serious hobby We both come from Video/film educated backgrounds & are a bit light on the the technical side, but learning.. We mostly work with live bands & tour when finances allow. Until recently been pretty lo fi, being creative with alot of old (but awesome gear), we like using fairlights, the panasonic MX 50, MX 30, MX 10, high grade domestic VCR's, live digital camera, a little video feedback, pre mixed and edited original material and some sampled (but highly processed) material.

NanoTech Visuals
Contact: James McParlane

NewAje Laser Entertainment
Contact: AJ
Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA.
Notes: I've been involved with the underground/rave scene for over 6 years, and have always had a passion for Lasers, especially after seeing Pink Floyd in concert! I now do laser shows for clubs, parties, and other events in the LA area. Sometimes I travel to the Bay Area in Northern Cali, and every year I go to BurningMan near Reno in Nevada.
My notes: I know AJ, and have built a small YAG laser for him, and am encouraging him to get into visuals, so I hope to update his status here soon!
Contact Info: AJ, Icq#: 35407907

Nick Wallbank
Contact: Nick Wallbank
Location: Manchester, England, UK.
Phone: 0161 226 6520
Notes: I have been working with projected visuals for music for six years now and have worked with most major British electronica/dance acts including Orbital and Underworld. I originally worked on super-8 and 16mm film with the legendary Megadog organisation but now have my own digital video set-up which is far more flexible. I work both in clubs and with live bands but prefer producing a good, tight live visual set for a band as it is far more satisfying than sitting in front of a mixer for hours on end (although I must admit that I have yet to beat the feeling I experienced working from the top of a 20ft tower in the middle of 16,000 people in the main dance tent at the Glastonbury festival). My work is mainly based on a mix of motion graphics, mangled loops and samples and original dv footage. All my work is guaranteed 100% fractal free. Recent projects include the Total Eclipse Festival, a Ninja Tune European tour, working with Graham Massey of 808 State and providing projected video for Manchester's Millenium celebrations. Apart from music based work I am also a freelance camera operator, video editor and technician.

Nobuyuki Furukawa
Location: Japan
Brief Notes: They use custom VJ tracker software written by:

Noise Labratories
Contact: Steven Ryan
Location: MA, USA
Brief Notes: Wicked website, details coming soon.

Nominum Ignotorum
Location: Vancouver, BC, CANADA.
Notes: Hi there.  We are a visuals team based in Vancouver, BC (for now).   We are drawn to the belief of producing high quality, professional, video art.  Our aim is to provide a multimedia event where the visual  atmosphere/environment plays a fundamental role. We do so through the use of slide projectors (for environmental effects) as well as a primary video projector which is connected to our computers. We are Visual Jockeys who believe in the visual aspect of music as much as the aural.  We treat our computers as the DJ treats his turntables and our videos like records; that is, we use software to mix and manipulate our visuals live to the music. We do not play "eyecandy" - pretty computer programs that run without assistance for long periods of time, irrespective of the flow of the music. Rather, we aim to bring visuals to the creative level of DJing.  We jockey visuals.  We do a live internet broadcast on Ninjatune's Piratetv  (, where our DJ plays off of our visuals just as much as we play off of his music. Check our website for further details.

New Image

Nyron Roadster
Location: Japan

Obsidian Graphics
Contact: Phil Mayer
Location: 90 Kennington Lane, London, SE11 4XD
Tel: +44 (0)207-582 5222
Notes: Also used to perform under the alias: VJ Sorted.

Optical Delusion
Contact Name: Marco
Phone: (860) 939 9274
Notes: Does both video & laser projections!

Opticus Organicus
Notes:  Now DEFUNCT, this LA based visuals company was owned by Greg Leeper.

Optikal Nutrasweet (tm)
Located in California.

Contact Name: Chris Lee / Kenneth Woodruff
Address: P.O. Box 22621
City: Nashville
State: Tennessee
Postal/Zip Code: 37203
Country: United States
Affiliation: Assembly Required

Optique Vidtek


Oriori Nebula

Out Visuals

OVT Visuals
Contact: Brian Dressel
Location: Chicago, IL, USA
Brief Notes: Very pro VJ, has done many music vids

Ozone Productions

Peter King
Located in California, USA.

Phantasm Laser
Contact: Aeryk Egan
Location: LA, CA, USA.
Notes: Only Lasers. 

Philipp Virus
Location: Berlin, Germany
Company: ®© Corperation
Website: soon to come
Affiliated with: Digital Hardcore Recordings (DHR) , RC Corporation, & The Force Quit Resolution.
Info: If you know Atari Teenage Riot and Alec Empire, you must know Philipp Virus. Pioneer in Desktop video production. Started in 1993 with "CIVILISATION VIRUS". Has done over 25 music videos!!!! (mostly for DHR-destroy 2000 years of culture) and some shortmovies. The Virus is doing Vj'ing like a raw diamant, who's scratching visuals with his eyes and blood -is soon finished with his first feature film "DIGITAL HARDCORE" in the next months -destroying all old ways of using footage-combining his own fast edited-killer-mixes with whatever he recorded -from Black Gestapo to Liquid Sky-what is © ???? That's history in the old fashion western way !!!!!! I"m sorry friends -we 'll take over now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We show the pictures and me and my friends from TFQR give the soundtracks and the noise out !!!!!We cut the world into pieces -right now-that's what we do-since we are here. Trying to set up a label to distribute VJ related material.


Pink 6
Contact: Hollups Baccani
Location: Seattle, WA, USA.
Notes: Still plays out very regularly.

Piripiri Productions

Location: Japan

Project 7
Contact: Steve Hendry
Location: Dundee, Scotland, UK.
Info: My name is Steve Hendry and a friend and myself run a lighting and projection company called "PROJECT 7", based on the east coast of Scotland, Dundee. We have been into animation and video for about two years. At the moment our rig consists of a complete stage lighting rig, intelligent lighting, martin robo scans and the usual lighting fx's. However our speciality is in customised projection, We have eight bell and howell 16mm projectors, approximately 24, 35mm slide projectors, 4 martin image scans,etc, etc, etc, We did Scotlands first live internet club cast in febuary this year and have been moving into video projection in a big way since hiring in three video projectors for that event. Since then we have managed to amass loads of software and bits of hardware relevant to the video thing. Up to now we have had to film all our video work onto 16mm film as we can't afford a video projector yet this is very costly and not very reliable!!! Our main contract is with Dundee University Students Association where we have worked for about five years. It is currently getting a complete refit in it's largest venue and we were asked to design the lighting rig and projection screens. At last we are finaly getting a video projector and a wrap round projection screen that covers all sides of the dance floor for other projections. I also work with another group of video jammers in Dundee. We may have a video gig in Holland and the Brittany folk festival before the year is out. We usually have live video camera footage, live computer generated graphics and stream video footage all into a panasonic wjave 55 and then ontol arge screens and projectors. The main guy is Glenn Millar.

Contacts: Richard, Chris & others
Location: Toronto, Canada
Brief Notes: They mainly perform @ Industry nightclub, although some other gigs too.


Psychic Productions

Contact: Chris Williams

Public Reality Adjustment Centre (PRAC)
Contact: VjIko
Contact name:Iko Prac
Mailing Info: ParKville road
Phone #: +33 565 374527
Location: Europe
Brief Notes: Used to work for Arkaos as video director and did the Daft punk tour. Now independent, specialized in video design and multiple individual streams, Mix simultaneously up to 32 incoming and 12 outgoing video feeds.


Pure Light

Quantum Sonic Productions

Raid-5 Productions
City: Dallas
State: Texas
Country: United States
Phone Number: (817) 784-3829


Raster Masters
Contact: David Tristram or Ron Fischer
Location: LA and San Jose, California
Brief Notes: They work for SGI, so are able to borrow high-end machines for their shows.

Raya Atmospheric Engineering


Contact: Brian
Location: San Diego, CA, USA.
Notes: Not really a VJ, only did some film loops and that's it.  The company associated with Reactivisuon which did video projections was called Stacid.

Real VJ
Contact Name: Ming Wu
City: Pittsburgh
State: Pennsylvania
Country: United States

Riptide Productions
Contact: Peter Bartsch
Notes: Does broadcast quality live video mixing and laser shows
Contact Info: LLC 38 W 38th Street - 3rd Floor New York City, NY 10018 VOX : 917-545-7056 FAX : 212-944-8892

Notes: Rodella is a female video mixer from France I think.


Roundhaus Productions


Samsaric Projections
Contact: Frank Heim & Lutz Grimm
Email: heim@Fh-Worms.DE

Sans 1

Screen Club
Contact: VJ Micko
Location: Helsinki
Contact Info: It?merenkatu 26 C 75, 00180 Helsinki, FINLAND
Phone: +358-(0)40-584 2998

SDF Visuals (Synthetic Dreams Factory?)
Location: Ottawa, CANADA

Seer Media
City: Seattle
State: Washington
Country: United States
Phone Number: (206) 726-4505


Smile Co

Solar Baybies

Sorted Productions
Location: Europe

Souliers Aurele
Location: France.
Affilliation: Infernal Triga Association

Location: New Zealand


Sputnik Rave TV
Phone #: ++ 41 1 2723 222

Location: Austrailia
Affiliation: Associated w/Clan Analogue
Brief Notes: Wicked Site!

Sunset Airplain Visuals
Location: Amsterdam

Sun Soul

Location: Japan

Location: Montreal, Quebec, CANADA
Phone #: (514) 525-7505

Synthetic Detroit
Contact: Micho LeeRaven McAdow
Location: Detroit, USA.
Phone: (248) 407 8283
Notes: I am also a video artist and VJ, and have been operating out here for some 10 years now under many different aliases and am responsible for much of the visuals locally, as far as video is concerned in clubs and galleries that is. I am a chaos / random orientated organism that creates huge multi-dimensional television installations in clubs either temporarily or permanent. I do have projection abilities, however, i prefer the emotions induced by a massive quantity of television monitors as oppose to projections. Ironically, we also do pyrotechs as well. I fire breath and specialize in explosive fire orientated performance art (aka guerilla style).



The Force Quit Resolution
Location: Berlin, Germany
Company: ®© Corperation
Website: soon to come
Affiliated with: Digital Hardcore Recordings (DHR) , RC Corporation & Philipp Virus.
Info: The Force Quit Resolution is a project by 2 VJ's (former Art Centre Students) and took 2 years of preperative work. It is concentrated around the concept of delivering a complete audio-visual show which rather be enjoyed in cinema or theatre environement, LIVE of course. The basic idea is to use samples and own work in such a way that it can be seen as a movie-like experience. In other words: T.F.Q.R. will use specially selected material (motion, audio, speech, picture) from unlimited sources and fils the gaps with own stuff to mix a completely new 'movie' with new meaning, new story and new message. This stuff is omny-political. T.F.Q.R. intends to push the current limitations of copyright without hurting other artists rights in order to pave the way for future VJ's just like the first DJ's did in the 70's. The current show is called 'The Sleeper Must Awaken' and focuses on the 'special' times we currently live in, what the future can bring if we harness the fruits right which we hold in our hands, visible or not. Visionaries in it's purest form.

Thunder & Lightning

Contact Name: Glenn
City: Seattle
State: Washington
Country: United States

Contacts: Hiroko Shigemoto, Moto Takagi & Arihito
Locaiton: Japan

Toasted Light - V3I
Location: France.

Tomorrow Maximum
Contact: Mic Berends
Notes: I am a musician and performance artist doing work under the name of Tomorrow Maximum. Synaesthetic work is my focus, generally sound from images and images from sound, well synchronised. The best non-real-time tools for this are after effects on the mac and flint + maya on sgi, as you can use audio data to drive animation, effects, and plugin parameters. it's a bit tedious at the moment, because what i do is filter frequency ranges (i.e. low/mid/high) to get those channels but there are a number of ways you can interpret this visually, say a simple trigger, envelope following, etc. as well as how you subsample to frame rates and cross-modulated control rates. sound from images is another ball of wax altogether, in both of these it's mainly how you construct your filters and connections between elements to get pleasing slash meaningful slash harmonic output. I'm also working on a live performance using ideas that can be implemented in real time, which limits you a bit currently due to CPU horsepower. these will be controlled with the buchla lightning II infrared wands or the i-cube sensor net along with some MIDI "tap shoes". has the right idea, i've suggested a number of things to them but they've yet to return my email. i've written quite a few visual programs companies with some ideas - i'm beginning to suspect they like the ideas but fear trade-dress implementation lawsuits if they communicate with me even though i've stated that i'd rather not do it myself! . Dave is just starting in graphics coding and this is a big project for just 2 or 3 people (my other mate Mike is writing the dynamics engine). The music is approximately a cross between orbital, underworld, and aphex twin. my voice is approximately a cross between dave gahan (depeche mode) and roland orzabal (tears for fears). currently seeking female vocalist for beautiful duet. I am equal parts technician and artist. I'm not terribly interested in the fame thing, but in our media-driven society there is not much other choice if you've a message to get across. to gain mindshare you need a voice and a face, i've become convinced. If i find someone with a stronger sense of purpose than mine i will gladly be support staff, but not having come across talented and willing collaborators, i expect i will have to do it myself. this makes me appear to move at approximately 1/6 the speed of the rest of the human race! i'm sure you can commiserate.

Tony Woodhead

Total Pros

Contact: Jörg Fiedler
Location: Hamburg, Germany
Notes: I am joerg, living in germany/hamburg and made some 3d computeranimations and psychedelic live mixes on goa-trance events.


Triptease Visuals
Contact Name: Derek / Emmy
City: Amsterdam
Country: Netherlands

Ts Louadir
Location: Toronto, Canada
Brief Notes: Does occassional shows, contact info wanted!

Twelve Electronic Arts
Contact Name: Jason Schroeder
City: Kansas City
State: Missouri
Postal/Zip Code: 64110
Country: United States
Phone Number: (816) 889-0988
Affiliation: Flux Productions

Twisted Pair Visuals
Contact: Mechno


Contact: Travis
Location: Originally LA, now New York and sometimes Malaysia
Notes: They were never really VJ's, a ton of film loops and a little lighting though.

UnderGround TV

Contact: Jesse
Location: Toronto, Canada
Brief Notes: Not really a VJ, strictly handles video related stuff at Guverment/Warehouse nightclub, but worth inclusion anyway.

Urban Imaging

Contact: Stephane
Location: France
Address: V-Project, 9 rue de Dinan 35000 Rennes France
Notes: Stephane works with a team of VJ's called "V-Project", working with video mixes and loops.  Some of the events they have participated in include: Transmusicales, Travelling festival, and the New-Teknik festival.
Their tools include: A panasonic XMJ video mixer, two P-]['s with various visuals software, a magnetoscope, a canon XL1 video camera and many video projectors.

Vegetable Vision

Viberation Graphics
Contact Name: Mike Migurski / Terry Estioko
City: San Francisco
State: California
Notes: Largely creates original source footage
Phone: (510) 841 7710

Contact: Michelle Kasprzak
Location: Toronto, ON, CANADA
Notes: mixes performed in art galleries and in clubs.

Contact: Mejby & Koren
Location: Prague, Czech Republic.

Visible Souls
Location: Germany.

Visual Mantra
Contact: Freaky Frank
Notes: "Dual Projection - Mind Expansion" - Video Projections, Film-Loops, and Lighting...

VForm / Technovision
Location: France
Notes: High end VJ group w/many professional members, also do tv commercials, other media art

Viral Transmissions
Notes: Friends with Subvertigo

Virtual Visions

Visual Dream Productions

Visual Groove

Visual Infinity
Contact: Kevin F. Farrell
Location: Philadelphia, PA USA and surrounding areas.
Info: I'm from Philadelphia, I've started my visual company in mid/99, by running up 3 credit cards and buying a Videonics MX Pro, Voodoo 3, 100's of feet of s-video cable, and a few scan converters, and some other stuff, added to my 2 VCR's and 2 Video Cams. Ran various eye candy softs. mixed with various feedback techniques. Thats how I started.

Visual MRTZ
Location: Europe

Visuality 2000

Vivid Image
Location: Britain

Contact: Marcel & Simone
Email: new info coming soon
Brief Notes: Great stuff! 5 STARS!

Warp 9FX

Weasel Lizard
Location: Toronto, Canada
Brief Notes: He's a retired VJ except for special occasions. works ft for Nelvana. Extremely bizarre guy.

Wonderworks / Viewmaster
Contact Name: Michael Stevens
Address: 215 E Michigan
City: Fresno
State: California
Postal/Zip Code: 93704
Country: United States
Phone Number: (209) 226-8199

Work Book
Location: Japan

Location: Europe




I think that's approx 260 Visuals groups worldwide by last count, and of course, I'm no doubt missing some, so let me know!

This is just a preliminary list. If I've missed you, please submit your info, to include a short bio, and optionally a picture of you performing, stills of your output, tell me if you have digital video clips of your work we can put online or link to, and if available, give us your www info. Please note: we offer FREE HOSTING for VJ's, so if you don't yet have a website, and would like space, let me know!

UNSORTED VJ INFO, email me if you can fill in the blanks.
-Visuals der Multimediagruppe pReview (Berlin).
-RASTER NOTON.DE -Monolake -Console -Rumpeln -Staalplaat -Goem -Mark Mancha/TMRX -Zeitblom -TokTok -Rechenzentrum -Visomat inc.
-Monitor Automatique -Duralux -Convex TV -Vanish RGB -Andreas Schimanski -Angelika Mittendorf,
-VJ's 'Phactory' and 'Kouhoutek' in contact via: From: "Rhys Cazenove" <>

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