Info Sought

This is where I poll your united brains to find out isoteric info...


1. ANY Info I don't already have in the ToolShack related to Video Synthesizers!


1. Computer Animation/Special Effects Demo reels from related companies or individuals doing work/play in the industry
2. The Panopticon (Jason Gee) ***


1. Independent reviews of titles from you!
2. Interviews (e-mail, phone or video as able) with other video artists, computer animators, VJ's, and other creative people for this web compendium.


1. Other Interactive stuff for review: wild psychedelic screen savers, cutting edge CD-ROM/DVD's, etc.

Other info wanted:

-VJ service Hypnotica in Montreal, QUE: (Russell Vaz I think) His tapes for review. (also wheazle lizard)
-Still video screen shot captures, or AVI/MOV's so I can post on our site, and have a link to your site.

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