Intro to VJ Loop CDR Section

The NewDual CDR's are user submissions, whereas the AVJ2001 CDR Series are digital video clips that have been gleamed from the internet and distributed to you for your live Video Jockey work at raves, clubs, etc. As a VJ we sample from TV, the net, and everywhere else, aside from creating our own content. I leave it to you to decide if and how to incorporate these clips into your own work.  Of course you can always toasterize or apply premiere filters to stuff, etc so who knows how it started by the time you're finished. 

Content wise, it runs the gamut, but is mostly computer generated, abstract, experimental, avant-garde, or just downright weird.  Format is PC-based, although you'll likely be able to access the files with a MAC. Files include .AVI, .MOV, MPEG, Real, .FLI, .FLC, .JPEG .GIF, and others. No players or codecs are provided. You're likely already  set, or just search the net. Many clips are loopable! Look for the .inf files in almost all majors directories for more info.  All files have not been compressed to archives, to allow easy drag and drop usage. Enjoy & remember to create not just sample! -AVJ.  - All CDRS are 700 megs - some discs are organized better than others.

The AVJ2001 Series is the 3rd generation of AVJ CDR's.  I've paired down and filtered the material, getting rid of low-rez stuff, & some files that I deemed questionable as to copyright.  There are now full directory listings, showing all file names, descriptions, and an arbitrary out of 10 rating, as suitable for live mixing.  This is taking a bit of time, so just 1 disc in the new series is currently available, more coming soon as my time allows.  

A quick note on pricing: So far, I haven't made any money whatsoever on sales of these CDR's.  This is because I send out so many free discs, in trade to others so as to grow our archive.  In fact, I think I'm loosing a little money on all this lately.  If you have a decent job and can afford it, please consider throwing in a small donation ($5, $10, whatever), which will help me cover the costs for running our site (hosting/bandwidth/etc).  Thanks in advance for your support & vision in our mutual interests!

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