Codec Issues

I will expand this section shortly.  It seems like everybody uses a different codec to compress their loops.  This is why it is very important to create an ascii .txt file and include the directory with your files.  The file should be called info.txt and should contain: your vj contact info: alias/real name, address, phone, email, website, description of act, and files provided; but most importantly, codec(s) used and where to get them on the web.  You may omit any of the contact info if you do not want it public, but make sure we are all able to view the files!

Even though I have a wide range of codecs installed on my laptop that I use to organize/view loops, it still seems like some programs won't open certain clips, while others have no problems.  If you have problems or solutions to anything relating to this, please email me and let me know the clip(s) you were having problems with, or helpful tips for others.  Thanks!


When previewing some files, all I get is audio with no video.
Problem:  You are not using the latest media player.
  Download Media Player or the Quicktime 5

Issue: I have a MAC and I'm trying to view some of the video files, but nothing I do can get them to work. 
Problem:  There seems to be an issue with MAC and Microsoft's Media Player not supporting files which have been compressed with mpeg4.
  Try using Virtual PC, which runs Windows on a MAC.  Then use Microsoft's Media Player or you can try downloading Quicktime 5.

Some good links for learning about & downloading various codecs:

-Codec Central

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