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Dave: received the package this earlier this week.. sorry for the late reply, been crazy around here lately with no signs of slowing. many thanks for the quick response and mailing, as well as a superb collection of loops. I've only had the chance to go through 2 cds so far, and this shit is amazing!  thanks,  -Trajectory  

Dave, I must say you have been the most helpful business I've dealt with in quite some time. I just want to thank you again for your amazingly quick response to my order.  I used to marking my calendar awaiting replies when doing e-commerce! We have a big event coming up on DEC 28th in San Diego, CA. Headlining is "CIRRUS" with 4 other DJ's... - Eric Michelson

Dave: Firstly I'd like to say how happy I was to receive my 20 CDR's you sent me in the post.  I got them on Monday.   Secondly, I didn't realize how good some of those loops were!!  I was well impressed and look forward to using them.   Many thanks for sending them and fronting the cash to do so.   -John Ide

Dave: Lots of great content on the VJ Loop CDR's; maybe 10 GB was more than I could handle but I keep all those CDR's as a great source in case I'm looking for specific effects or loops. I'm looking forward to see the DVDR's coming :) Since you can put much more data on them, it means I won't have to put CDs in&out all the time! Better naming conventions would be cool though, because at the moment it's hard to find something without browsing the whole archive. But I know 'explaining' a video in a few words isn't easy. I tried to put the directories of the CDR's in categories (3d, war, psyche, etc), under Advanced Disk Catalog, but in the end there was so much categories it probably won't help me much. :( And my attempts of file naming (on the CDR I'm going to send you) are a bit pathetic LOL, as you will probably see.  In the end, I guess words will never replace image :) An image is worth a thousand words... so see the amount of words a 10-second video loop is worth.  -eXhale ( www.vjforums.com / www.vjcentral.com )   our comment to this:  we are in the process of expanding online (& soon on CDR) still thumbnails & low rez video previews with descriptions of all the content, but this all takes an excessive amount of time, and there is so much work to do, so we will see....down the road.  if you want to help catalog/thumbnail material in exchange for free stuff (loops, software, dvds) please contact me.


Also, although not directly related, you can also check out our excellent user feedback on ebay.

If you've gotten some CDR's from us, and would like to add your comments here, positive or negative, please email.

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