Mac VJ Loops DVD Directory Lists

I've decided to stop offering content on CDR for MAC users and just offer it on DVDR.  This way it's a bit easier for me to keep everything organized, as I already have countless stacks of PC CDR's and DVDR's.  What follows is a basic list of the contents of each VJ Loop DVDR for the MAC (all files have been specifically tested on my G4, and will play natively, with a minimum # of codecs installed.  If you want to know exactly what directory comes from which corresponding PC VJ Loop CDR, just look at the directory name, and cross reference in the main CDR listing to find out the info you seek.   Hope that all makes a little sense.

Mac VJ Loop DVDR #1

all of:
20_20  -  ANISM  -  Goatlamb  -  M_Chao  -  Mutagen  -  Pixilight  -  Raydream  -  Robotkid
SGS_Rec  -  SubImg  -  Submedia TV  -  Technocolour  -  Telenoika  -  Yogurt 909

Mac VJ Loop DVDR #2

all of:
AVJ2002_1 (some)  -  Bigloose (mac only)  -  codecs directory  -  Dilation 1  -  Exe Live
E-Tox  -  Gavini1  -  Kris  -  LockJaw  -  Absurde  -  Annie001  -  Nomig
Render Brothers  -  Thanos 1,2,3  -  TranceAnim  -  TranceAsia1  -  Visualnaut

Mac VJ Loop DVDR #3  (disc now available)

directory listing coming soon....

Mac VJ Loop DVDR #4  (disc available soon)

directory listing coming soon....

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