Video Previews of NewDual #20

This disc for the PC, although the files all will play on a mac too, and will soon be added to our mac series of discs.  These pictures/loop previews represent just a portion of what's available on the CDR.  I'm doing an experiment with low-rez video previews, instead of just thumbnails.  Click on the image to see a QuickTime preview.  All material on the disc is: .mov format, 320x240 resolution, sorrenson codec.  Loops submitted by TranceAsia & VJ Finny.  

This disc is all custom computer animation and sequence snippets created in after effects.
Total Files =

#19 #21 soon

This disc is $10, or free by trade
Only use the cart buttons if you are paying by PAYPAL, (Visa/MC), & not trading


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