Pricing Details

Remember, we prefer to trade material, if at all possible, then it's no cost to you.

In the past, I had been operating at a bit of a loss, due to sending out so many free CDR's in trade.  Things are all good now that I have started charging $5 per disc to people that don't have material to trade, which seems to let me break even.  I don't have time to copy these myself anymore, so they are done in batches at a local duplication house. 

I'm spending a lot more time on this section of the site: organizing & thumbnailing files, sorting directories, and adding descriptions, etc.  I've sent out over 1.5 TB of material since July 2001, about 75% of it free, in trade for new material.  

Any profits from the CDR sales help to subsidize the substantial cost of running this website (hosting/bandwidth/etc) - With your order, or submission, if you can afford it, please consider sending in a small donation to help keep our website going.  Thanks in advance for your support & vision in our mutual interests!

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