VJ Loop CDR Recipients

Many happy recipients of our CDR sets, including:

-20/20 Visuals     -Addictive TV    - AN-ISM   -Annie_001    -Bart/Resolume   -Channel Zero     -Dimension7   
-Drop Visuals   -Dilation    -E-Pro   -eXhale   -Go Psykik    -Heavier Than Gravity   -LockJaw    -M.A.Z.   
-MXWorks   -Nomig   -Phase4   -Pixel-8   - Pixilight   -Plazma Design   -SGS Recordings    -Studio Staccato  
-Subliminal Imaging    -Telenokia    -Thanos   -Tool     -Trajectory   -TranceAsia     -VideoKing    -VJ Finny 
-VJ Fury     -VJ Kevlar   -VJ Raydream   -VJ William Trip   -Zumo del Scumos  

-& many other individuals    (over 2 TB sent out since July 2001 !)

-If you've sent me a CDR, and I've somehow missed you, please email me ASAP, so I can get your CDR's out!


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