VJ Loop CDR Submission Details        

Please help us grown our archive, by submitting a CDR of your VJ Loops! 

This is just a draft of this area at present:

            Please send your CDR(s) to:

AudioVisualizers.com Inc. 
604 Queen Street West
Toronto, ON
M6J 1E3

Goal of the VJ Loop CDR Archive: To collect a large library of independently produced royalty free still images and video clips and loops in a wide range of subject matter, and make the material available to others in the live video performance art field for free or low cost. 

License Info: By submitting work, you grant us (AudioVisualizers.com Inc.) an ongoing non-exclusive license to redistribute it to others within usage terms below.  You still maintain all copyrights to your original work.  By submitting work you are  contributing to the global VJ scene while highlighting & promoting yourself and your work & supporting the AudioVisualizers website & our work in the VJ community.  We are working on the Terabyte Loop Server project, which will allow you to designate your work as free for all, or assign a value to it, with royalties automatically paid to you, but this software is not finished yet, more news here.

Usage: You can either specify your material to be free for all, or designate region restrictions.
Region restrictions work like this: say you are in Orlando, Florida, USA, but also travel to do shows in Miami, and other parts of Florida.  So you include a text file in a dir of your cdr, that disallows usage within Florida.  Others could use your material as part of their samples in their shows anywhere in the world, but not Florida.  I'm not sure at the moment if I should just trust people on this (probably), or not ship cdrs to people that order from restricted regions (maybe).  I'll put that question in our upcoming polls area, to get your input.

What you get:  We work on a 1:15 ratio.  What that means, is that for every CDR you submit (500 to 700 megs), you receive 15 back from our archive. Please tell us if you already have any of our CDR's or DVDR's, so we don't end up sending you any duplicates.

Submission Guidelines: Video tapes are accepted, however content on disc is preferred.  Material should be submitted on a (preferably multi-format Mac/PC readable) CDR or DVD-R.  Clips can be any length, any software supported codec (see codec section), but have to have a minimum resolution of 320 x 200 please.  If you have high rez files, (from dvcam, full NTSC or PAL), please send those, and people can always scale down with media cleaner, virtualdub or another batch converter.  You can always scale down, but not up right...and it sucks to have a wicked clip with crummy rez or too much compression.  Please also include an ascii info.txt file which has your full VJ/personal contact info (or as much as you want people to know) so they can contact you regarding bookings or contract you for custom work.

Material Content / Copyrights: We prefer 100% original work, but fully realize that this is not always the case.  You may have taken other found elements, other user clips, remixed and fx'd things to a new form.  This is ok too, but please no blatant copyrighted material...you wouldn't want me to get in trouble would you?   Keep your questionable samples very brief.  

More details in this section to come in the near future....

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