MotionRave DVDR #10

Not all of the content on this disc is thumbnailed here, there are some more surprises waiting for you! 
This disc is almost exclusively hi-rez (720x480 NTSC or 720x576 PAL, and in most cases contains cross-platform content with associated low-rez (320x240) content for easy drag and drop usage with the VJ software of your choice.  About a third of the files on this disc have associated alpha-channel files to compliment them.

Content on this disc is from: 3P Art Israel, Bas/Wirenz, & Zambari.
Thanks so much to all our VJ Loop Contributors - without you all this would not be possible!

Please scroll down to let your eyes feast upon all the content.  Not all of it may be your cup of tea, but you'll surely find lots that is.


MotionRave VJ Loop DVDR #
10 - $ 30     ( IView ivc catalog file - download the catalog viewer pc & mac )

Now Available! - MegaPack #3: MotionRave DVDR's FOUR, FIVE, SIX & SEVEN, would be $150 if purchased individually, but get all four of them as a bundle in MegaPack #3 for just $99!

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