3LUX-2  - Techno-Trance, Comp Grafix
The non-stop techno-trance mix

From the vaults of the stunning Stud!o K7 firm, comes a fluid ride down gossamer clouds of psychedelic trance-inducing synesthesia. Much like the familiar X-MIX series, but with a softer edge, 3LUX-2
joins a winning team of outstanding visual and audio artistry. A must have for your library!

Box says: 70 minutes of digitally remastered techno-trance music of the leading European underground dance labels. Coupled with especially animated graphic videos of Europe's top computer artists - 3LUX-2, a legal drug.

Order Info: Stud!o K7, Leipziger Str. 54, 10117, BERLIN.
Fax: 49/30/204 44 56. E-mail: K7@contrib.de
or order online at Amazon.com - click here!

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