Alien DreamTime       

Terrence McKenna: Alien Dreamtime - Live Performance, Psychedelic, Philo
Rose X, Space Time Continuum, Stephen Kent 1993, 60 min

Box says: Alien Dreamtime was produced as a live multi-media event in San Francisco, on the evenings of February 26th and 27th 1993. The performance is divided into three movements, each
reflective of Terrance McKenna's ethno botanical theories: Archaic Revival, Alien Love & Time Wave Zero. McKenna's presence is combined with the entrancing visuals of RoseX and ambient techno improvisations by Space Time Continuum and didgeridoo player Stephen Kent. Described by Mondo 2000 as, "spiraling vortexes, flowing from nowhere into your reptilian stem... mesmerizing, eroticizing..." You'll soon find yourself swept into the lush, viridian reality of Alien DreamTime

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