Binary Visions

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Binary Visions - Experimental, Compilation 

A student compilation hodgepodge of computer generated video art, with an Amiga generated talking head narrating, and spouting nonsense poetry in-between.


1. "Call Me" - psychedelic faces & fractals.
2. "Dogs" - snarling psychedelic pit-bulls.
3. "The Religious Experience of Philip K. Dick" - Video feedback, then psychedelic stills with narration & some toaster f/x. Well thought out story line. 
4. "Public Simulation eXchange or Strange Attractor" - Wasn't sure if this was one vid or two close together. Psychedelic mandalas, with Big Brother narration, and brief appearance by Terrance
McKenna speaking as he does. Strange and enjoyable.
5. "Love's Progress" - Simple Mac animation w/narration.
6. "Marcus Raps" - Cheesy rap about weed, with very simple production.
7. "Webster, Opposites Attract" - Looney Tunes style cartoon, quite well done. About a turtle that swallows a magnet.
8. "The Chariots of Chou" - Psychedelic landscapes, very basic, but cool synth music.
9. "Studies" - Human form of naked woman with image warping & dark, brooding music.
10. "The History of America" - Common toaster FX, coupled with cool animation centred around different parts of the body. Slightly disturbing soundtrack.
11. "Untitled" - Psychedelic fast cuts by ROSE-X, w/morphing audio track.

Available from: One Way Media, 1035 Guerrero, San Francisco, CA, 94110
$25 USD.

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