Channel Zero

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Channel Zero Video Magazine Social Commentary, Video Mag
Stephen Marshall 1996, 1997, 60 min

This cool quarterly video zine features interviews and social
commentary from around the world. I didn't like it as much as "D-Program",
probably due to the lack of interspersed computer graphics and such. It
gets a little dry at times, but covers a good cross section of topics, and
is very worthwhile. Channel Zero is also looking for foreign correspondents,
so surf their site, and check it out!

Box says: Channel Zero is a multi-media studio based in Toronto, CANADA.
Launched in Toronto, New York, Vancouver, San Francisco and
London, Channel Zero releases a quarterly video magazine
currently available on VHS cassette, and soon to be released on DVD format.


Is your planet a frightening place? What role does the media play
in shaping our perception of the world we inhabit? How have human beings
come to be so distanced from one another...that our planet's street seem
more like distand planets? One guerrilla film maker went around the world
to find out. Channel Zero presents the future of television. High impact
film footage, text driven design, and tripped-out sonic beats combine to
create a medium that is free of commercial interference. It's your planet.
Reclaim it.

Segments: 1. Neil Postman: Live from Caesar's Palace
2. The Prince of Belize: Rober Pitts on Mayan culture,
ecotourism and crack addiction.
3. Hate and Propaganda: On the road with Slovenian Nazis
4. Parisian Gigolos: The other side of prostitution in the
city of love (French with organic sub-titles.)
5. My Name is Hope: Pride and forgiveness in the new South
6. Shift of Power: Triad Gangs and the Taking of Hong Kong
7. From Marrakesh to Woodstock: Hassan Hakmoun and the
trance of healing.
8. The Sponsorship of Pat Pong: Sex and traffic in Bangkok.
9. Film Makers Revue: Lewis Cohen rips off Craig Baldwin.
10. Pacer: Directed by Guy Roland, Pacer takes a look at the
motion of the immovable.


THE MISSION: To create a new form of media that will interact with
it's audience's DNA and create a new generation of
media activists who will reclaim their planet from
the forces that are destroying it. But...days before it is to be released
to the world, the software is stolen by a large and evil multi-national

NOW THEY'VE COME TO TAKE IT BACK! 'This is Channel Zero' examines
the role of media in today's
global village. Experts from
around the world in the fields of television, radio, print, photography and
media activism comment on the current state of media and the role that
corporate influence plays in shaping our perceptions. 'This is Channel Zero'
features in-depth examinations of Nigeria, Indonesia and Bosnia, and how
these nations have been subjected to the mismanagement of higher media

Segments: 1. Dr. Kayode Fayemi: Director of Communications, National
Liberation Council of Nigeria (NALICON)
2. Donald Freed: Playwright, screenwriter, author, lecturer,
and political commentator.
3. Janine Jackson: Writer and media critic. Jackson is
director of research at Fairness and Accuracy In
Reporting (FAIR).
4. Oliviero Toscani: Toscani is well known for his
emotionally riveting photography.
5. Stephen Dunifer: Media activist, founder of Free Radio
6. Francis Cairncross: Media Editor, The Economist.
7. Kakuna Kerina: Program Coordinator for AFRICA at the
Committee to Protech Journalists (CPJ).
8. Lawrence K. Grossman: Former President of NBC News and
PBS respectively.
9. Ngaire Blankenburg: Spoken-word poet, producer, media
and many more.

Other Reviewers Comments:

"Leave it to a Canadian to revolutionize television."
Thomas Goetz - The Village Voice

"Stylistically, it's an unlikely mix of 60 minutes, Negativeland,
and MTV..." Stuart Mangrum - Wired Magazine

Order Info: 507 King Street East, Suite # 16, Toronto, ON,
M5A 1M3, CANADA. (888) 877 7325 or (416) 868 1851
1 year/4 tape subscription for $ 55 US funds.
complete transcripts of articles on ''

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