Clock DVA - Kinetic Engineering

box scans and vid caps to come soon...

Clock DVA, Kinetic Engineering Experimental, Comp Grafix 8
1993, 52 min

Highly recommended, one of my top-three favorites in my entire
collection. Put out by those folks at the Anterior Research
Station, who also bring you the T.A.G.C audio CD's, and more.
There are 10 or so 5 minute 'ish 'music video's' for lack of
a better term, some mostly black and white, others so vivid, you'll
think you'd better adjust your set. Sound and vision merge very
well. Very psychedelic. A must have!

Box says: Kinetic Engineering is a collection of visual ideograms
developed by CLOCKDVA personnel R.E. Baker and A. Newton during
work on the albums Buried Dreams and Man-Amplified. These
videos were constructed and engineered using computer technologies at the
Anterior Research Station 1988 to 1993. This is the first time that
CLOCKDVA have made available its video output and this collection
represents the first complete catalogue. To try to describe these
visualizations would be a restriction of their form. This is the first
reel for the Inner Cinema, a kinetically engineered dream transformed
through the technology of spirit. New codes for the pattern of sight and
sound, open your eyes and open your mind, these are audible paintings.

1. The Hacker
2. Sound Mirror
3. Man-Amplified
4. Axiomatic and Hueristic
5. Fractalize
6. NYC Overload
7. Bitstream
8. Technogeist
9. Final Program
10. Voice Recognition Test

Order Info: STUD!O K7, Kaiserdamm 7, 14057 Berlin, Fax: +49-30-3255495.
Also available through Contempo CONTE 201 VID

Wanted: More info on ClockDVA visuals. Please contact me

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