John J. Coghlan Jr. Video Portfolio

box scans and vid caps to come soon...

John J. Coghlan Jr. Video Portfolio

For a guy that's almost BLIND, I'd says these videos are awesome!
Compared to others in the field, they're still very creative and
inspirational, combining film and computer graphics, this film won
Videomaker Magazine's video award a few years past in the Digital Video

Tape Contents:

1. Metamorphosis: Warping faces awash with subtle psychedelic
rippling & morphing, moirés based around a central
13 min sphere, tunneling through vortexes of electro-
magnetic fields. Zany violins accompany the work,
concluding in a montage of naked bodies juxtaposed
with surreal mirrored landscapes.

2. Fragments Bagpipe mixed with experimental ambient soundscapes,
as this mix of nature footage, nuclear explosions &
12 min oil projections give way to a satirical frenzy of
psychedelic warfare. Coming to the present,
industry, poverty, neon signs and graffiti merge as
we are treated to spiced up super-8 footage shot by
the director on his travels through the changing
times of the USA.

3. Washington Square Park Haven't reviewed yet

Order info: John J. Coghlan Jr, 247 Senator St. Brooklyn, NY, 11220, USA.

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