Psychotronic CyberSpace

Psychotronic CyberSpace Fractals 0
Abaco Multi-Media 1994, 60 min

This is absolutely the worst fractal tape I have ever seen. Looks like a badly duped copy of a fract-int show in motion. So bad, there's no more to tell.

Box says: Experience the ultimate Joy Ride. A symphony of colors and movement. Experience the creation of new galaxies. See the chaos theory in action. This high-tech animated computer joy ride features multi-dimensional fractal graphics and our unique Psychotronics Alpha Wave Relaxation soundtrack. Relax, Meditate, Explore Your Mind...

Order Info: Abaco Multi-Media, 2895 Biscayne Blvd, #296, Miami,
Florida, 33137, USA. (800) 685 4287

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