Dance in CyberSpace

Dance in CyberSpace - Psychedelic, Techno, 9

My copy of this is starting to screw up, I've played it too many times! Yes, this video is that good! A mix of computer generated animations from various programs and demos in the public domain, mixed with in-your-face techno-pumping ravaging visuals. Believe it or not, this baby goes on for almost 3/5 of an hour! Then comes the 5 minute compressed trip - unreal! A must have for anybody interested in this genre.

Box says: Journey with Dr. Devious on an incredible audio-visual voyage to the edge of reality. By Blending the latest video special f/x, computer simulation, time lapse photography and a few secret ingredients, VR-Dance in Cyberspace offers you, for the first time, a musical video trip into the world of cyberspace. It is an unparalleled adventure of exploration. But rather than traveling the limits of time and space, this unique event traverses the universe of the human mind. Since cyberspace isn't familiar territory for most of us, let your host Dr. Devious, creator of CyberDream, escort and guide you through your dreams. The Voyage is about to begin.

Order info from: PPI Entertainment Group, 88 St. Francis Street, Newark, NJ, 07105. USA.

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