Escape to TransCyberia

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Escape to Trancyberia Comp Grafix, Techno Story 8
Rainer Remake & Voov 1995, 40 min

Box says: Turbulent computer animation wholly dramatized and with non
stop sound flashes. What seems a harmless routine visit to
Transcyberia brings Proton, the cytagonist, on a digital
fish-searches-bicycle party where he encounters Vir'a "fata morgana".
A hot pursuit through obscure virtual realities begins via structural
abstractions to end in binary datasalad. As we experience the camera
flights through breathtaking artificial landscapes, passing strange planets,
Proton and Vira try to unravel their short-lived cosmic relationship beyond
their mother computer's memory. The two morph via a variety of physical
states and consciousness levels. We realize that even in cyberspace
everything revolves around love and its chemical effects on the cerebral
vortex. The mixture of hypnotic visual sequences and simultaneously
composed techno tracks reaches "Skullcap-Raising-Factor-10" on the
downwardly closed descending scale. We are allowed to glimpse into
the real cyber world and get an idea what the multi-quoted computer
age really has in store for us.

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