Computer Animation Festival 2.0

Computer Animation Festival 2.0 Computer Animation Compilation
Steven Churchill/SMV/Odyssey 1996, 60 min

Box says: From the Producer of the award winning, critically acclaimed "Mind's Eye" series. A Spectacular showcase of 20 cutting edge computer animated shorts from around the world ranging from wildly humorous to outrageously exotic. Computer Animation Festival spins a high-tech tapestry of art, storytelling and visual technology.  Every short is shown in its entirety, as originally created by each animator. Plug your imagination into the most extraordinary collection of computer powered imagery ever released on video.

Segments: 1. Sleepy Guy 11. Mercury
2. Liberation 12. Nightwalk
3. Fluffy 13. Still Life
4. Moai's Dream 14. How To Make A Decision
5. Card Trick 15. Gigalopolis
6. Voyager 16. Word Play
7. Arnie & Birnie 17. Orbit
8. Let There Be Light 18. Machinerie
9. The First Political Speech 20. The End

Order Info: Sony Music Entertainment, 1121 Leslie Street,
North York, ON, M3C 2J9, CANADA. 

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