Gordon Monahan - Aquaeolian Whirlpool

scans & vid caps to come soon...

Gordon Monahan - Aquaeolian Whirlpool - Experimental Audio Installations
32 min

Performance Art and Installations centering around Aeolian tones, this video is likely only of interest to those doing similar things. Kinda dry, but details his experimental process and the theory behind the weird noises produced by stretching piano wire across fields and into streams of water.

Box says: (Describes all of the segments, but we will list just the first) 1990, 5 min: Documentary of a sound installation at the New York Hall of Science using a 10 foot high water vortex to activate aquaeolian tones on 100 foot long piano strings attached to a soundboard near the ceiling. The unearthly sub-aqueous tones accompany dramatic video close-ups of the vortex, looking like a tornado in some alien landscape.

Segments: 1. Aquaeolian Whirlpool
2. Speaker Swinging
3. Long Aeolian Piano
4. A Magnet That Speaks Also Attracts
5. Aquaeolian Music Room

Order Info: Gordon Monahan, RR #4, Markdale, CANADA, N0C 1H0.

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