Grok Gazer - Visual Concert Hall

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Grok Gazer - Visual Concert Hall - Todd Rundgren Video Kaleidoscope
Hi-Fi Stereo 45 min

Box says: Rock legend Todd Rundgren and programming genius David Levine join talents to create "GrokGazer - Your Visual Concert Hall". This truly fantastic computer generated art is reminiscent of the pop/psychedelic art forms of the 1960's, but was created with the technology of the 1990's. Scored with original sounds by Todd Rundgren, GrokGazer visually explores the concept of 'Music for the Eye'. Described
as a 'video kaleidoscope' or 'tie-dye for the TV', it is a work of beauty unlike anything you've ever seen; a video concert of intricately evolving forms, colors and shapes. As with good music, you will experience it many
times and still be inspired by it.

Order Info: Miramar, 200 Second Avenue West, Seattle, WA, 98119. USA.
(206) 284 4700

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