Billy Idol: Cyberpunk

Billy Idol: Cyberpunk/Shock to the System -  Music, Tech, Story, Making Of
Chrysalis 1993, 25 min

Idol's attempt at cashing in on the raising cyber-consciousness may have been just that, or a real interest, but whatever the reason, I think it failed miserably, despite hiring talent such as Brett Leonard of "The Lawnmower Man" fame, & William Gibson. This tape has Idol in a Tetseo/Body Hammer cybernetic man role, eluded by cops, starting riots, and singing weird songs. Not a very useful video, but in my video collecting, I often buy cyberesque titles in hopes of even a minute or two of cool visuals, as they're always good for live sampling at parties.

Box says: Outlaw Tech. Rebel Science. Information is the ammunition, your mind is the target.

Segments: 1. Shock to the System ( Director's Cut )
2. Shockumentary: The Making Of Shock to the System
3. Heroin: "Blendo"
4. Shock to the System: "Blendo"

Order Info: ERG, 1290 Avenue of the Avericas, New York, NY, 10104, USA.

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