Images of Chaos - Fractals to Music

Images of Chaos - Fractals to Music
Industrial Street Productions 1993, 53 min

Box says: Let Your Television Evolve:

Futurists, artists, and cyberpunks have long prophesied of the day when television would evolve into an active platform for art. In the future, they've said, we will use television and computers to turn our homes into 21st century galleries with ever-changing new images opening our minds to alternative worlds and new vistas. The future is now. Images of Chaos is a revolutionary gallery of images for the mind. Unlike anything seen before, the images are graphic incarnations of advanced mathematic formulas. You may discover surreal worlds or strange creatures in the images, but they have all been created entirely as the result of mathematics, "sculpted" by adjusting variables and formulas based on the groundbreaking science of Chaos. Featuring an original score by innovative composer Mark Wilson, Images of Chaos is a kaleidoscopic collection of fractal images. Think of it as a 21st Century lava lamp for your television.

Order Info: Industrial Street Productions, 8424A Santa Monica Blvd, Suite # 801, West Hollywood, CA, 90069. USA.  (310) 652 6997.

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