The Mind's Eye

The Mind's Eye - Techno-Trance, Comp Grafix
A Computer Animation Odyssey 1st in the series
Miramar/music by James Reynolds 1990, 40 min

Everybody should have seen this tape, it has been around so long, it's images making many other appearances. This is a good tape, kind of boring for my low attention span at times, I haven't seen this for quite some time. This, and the next three installments of the Mind's Eye series nonetheless take prominent positions on my display wall, as they were among the first few tapes in my collection.

Box says: The Mind's Eye is a spectacular odyssey through time. Your journey begins at the dawn of creation and moves through the rise of man and technology. Travel in the world of abstraction and on into the future with breathtaking computer animation imagery. The Mind's Eye joins the imaginations of over 300 of the
world's most talented computer animation artists with a powerful, original music soundtrack. This unique collaboration takes you on an incredible voyage into The Mind's Eye.

Segments: 1. Creation
2. Civilization Rising
3. Heart Of The Machine
4. Technodance
5. Post Modern
6. Love Found
7. Leaving The Bonds Of Earth
8. The Temple

Order Info: Miramar, 200 Second Avenue West, Seattle, WA, 98119. USA
Distributed by: BMG Video, 1133 Avenue of Americas, New York, NY, 10036. USA.
or order online at - click here!

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