Beyond the Mind's Eye

Beyond The Mind's Eye - Techno-Trance, Comp Grafix
A Computer Animation Odyssey 2nd in the series
Miramar, music by Jan Hammer 1992, 45 min

2nd of the Mind's Eye series, this tape is my favorite of the bunch, likely for its wacky sequence of events and surreal imagery. Not much else to say here, but another worthwhile addition to your collection.

Box says: BEYOND is a surreal voyage bridging the gap between reality and imagination. Travel through the inner depths of the human psyche to the outer reaches of the universe. BEYOND explores worlds that may exist in alternate dimensions - or only in the minds of the world's leading computer animators.

Segments: 1. Virtual Reality
2. Seeds of Life
3. Afternoon Adventure
4. Brave New World
5. Transformers
6. Too Far
7. Windows
8. Nothing But Love
9. The Pyramid
10. Theatre Of Magic
11. Voyage Home

Order Info: Miramar, 200 Second Avenue West, Seattle, WA, 98119. USA.
Distributed by: BMG Video, 1133 Avenue of Americas, New
York, NY, 10036. USA.
Distributed in Canada by: BMG Music Canada, 3640A McNicoll Avenue,
Scarborough, ON, M1X 1G1. CANADA
or order online at - click here!

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