Moving Paintings - Volume #1 

Moving Paintings, Volume 1 - Evolving painting animations - Stuart Ellis

This tape is basically the work of a painter translated to motion by gradually documenting the progression of his work on the canvas to video. Quite cool, but not spectacular.

Box says: Travel through uncharted terrains of imagination; meet enchanting life forms who converse in universal tongues; and partake in a feast of sensual music and vibrant imagery. Stuart Ellis' liquid painting, dynamic drawings, and amorphous materials transform in continuous and delightful ways; accompanied by the primal lyrics of Anna Homler's "Tarayana", Steve Roach's ethereal "Dreamtime Return", Fred Paroutaud's dramatic scores, Kate Steffen's poetic visions, and the world beat sound designs of Gustavo Santaolalla and Anibal Kerpel. Created & produced by Stuart Ellis, internationally acclaimed fine artist, animator and musician. MOVING PAINTINGS invites repeated viewing to fully experience its multi-faceted visual music animated compositions.

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Moving Pictures Vol.1
A film by Stuart Ellis
Review by staff writer: Paul Beaulieu

Ellis' first installation of the Moving Pictures films promises to be a
true gem in any liberally-minded/radical/hippi-esque parent's movie library.
  Anyone concerned with teaching youngsters (or adults for that matter) the
art of discernment, or wanting a tool for raising their child's intelligence
and confidence in their own creative potential should show their kids this
film.  It is a definite tool in stimulating free-form thought and
instinct-related mind development; however it probably would never be
accepted by most mainstream parents, based on it's recurrence of "risqué"
words and images appearing at unexpected points throughout Ellis' procession
of constantly self-engulfing, flowing artistic media. This film is a
masterpiece of living, breathing associative imagery captured on film by a
artist of immense talent. Props up (and down, and turned inside out and
around) to Stu's Moving Pics. In simpler lingo, this flick is pro bono eye