MTV Sports

MTV Sports - HARD CORE Sky Surfing & Way More, 1995, 50 min

Wicked skydiving, sky-surfing (my favorite), base jumping, and a whole slew of other radical sports, many with extensive helmet mounted POV footage. For the $10 it cost, very good value.

Box says: Longer, Harder, Faster! How far do you wanna go? To the very outer limits of what the finely-tuned human body is capable of? On this new home video, host Dan Cortese takes you to the extreme side of sports: from in-line skating on natural rock formations to a team of base jumpers leaping off a cliff in Freedom Canyon, AZ; from Sly Stallone on the set of Demolition Man to sky diving with Wesley Snipes; from radical reinterpretations of traditional sports to offbeat athletics you've never seen before. If it's hard, if it's fast, if it's 'out-there,' then it's in here!

Order Info: Sony, 550 Madison Avenue, New York, NY, 10022-3211. USA. 

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