On Bike Experience - TT2

box scans & vid caps to follow soon....

On Bike Experience - TT2 POV Mini-Cam Motorcycle Racing
80 min

Box says: If you love road racing then nothing beats the thrill of "being there". And there's no more thrilling place to be behind the windscreen of a 185 mph racer than the Isle of Man TT Mountain Circuit! So, hang on tight for 80 minutes of sheer exhilaration as top riders with on-bike cameras take you round TT'94 on a
variety of machines. The speeds are fantastic, the commentaries fascinating, and the views vary between awesome and terrifying - this is gripping armchair entertainment!

Order Info: GO Video, RR #1, Gowanstown, ON, CANADA, N0G 1Y0.
(800) 668 4336, (519) 335 6173.
If you like motor sport video's their catalog lists over 200!

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