Peter Gabriel: US

Peter Gabriel: US - Music, Live, Comp Anim, Experim. 6
55 min

Box says: A collection of videos from the US album, including the top ten hit 'Steam', which won two MTV video awards, the Grammy Award winning 'Digging in the Dirt, Blood of Eden & Solsbury Hill'. Also featured for the first time ever are videos for 'Come Talk to Me' & 'Zaar', and the first music video ever to be turned into a ride, 'Kiss That Frog'. Two of these videos feature the work of painters. Zaar shows the work of the German painter and sculptor, Stefan Roloff and the English painter, Graham Dean, collaborates with Peter on Solsbury Hill. The video also includes rare interview and behind the scenes footage, and shows some of the artists involved in the sleeve of the album.

Tracks: 1. Digging in the Dirt
2. Steam
3. Blood of Eden
4. Solsbury Hill
5. Zaar
6. Come Talk to Me
7. Kiss That Frog

Order info: Geffen Home Video, no address listed.

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