Psyber Dream
box scans & vid caps to follow soon....

Psyber Dream - Surreal stills
John Krajewski 1995, 40 min

When I originally saw this tape I felt slightly angry that someone had 'ripped-off' my "Psyber" name. Whereas I have been using it since the late '80's, I suppose it's not hard to come up with in today's CYBER culture. Anyway, I thought this tape looked really good - it had a wicked cover, cool sample pix, and came from San Francisco! Well, despite all this, I was extremely disappointed. I had never heard of this Krajewski guy, and while he might have had his hey-day in the '60's, it seemed like he was trying to cash in with his old album covers doing a video slideshow with music. This video is very bad in my opinion, there are nothing but
stills with some lousy toaster wipes to piece them together! The box gave me a good impression, and it's lucky the company that sells this hasn't produced any other tapes, because I don't think they'd get any business.
Do yourself a favor, and don't even waste your time watching this even if you could get it free.

Box says: Experience the hottest New Media Journey. A Fluid Interdimensional Psychedelic Dreamscape in CyberSpace! Turn on and tune into today's coolest journey without drugs. Merge into your own personal bliss through the visionary art of the ages. Navigate through star-clustered galaxies, worlds within worlds, hypnotic
waves of orgasmic color, transcending time and space. With the pulsing rhythms of 'Ecstatic Mind'.

John Krajewski, coined by Rolling Stone Magazine as the first "Visionary Artist" in the late 1960's, has created album covers for Iron Butterfly, Canned Heat, BB King and others. His posters have inspired millions with a new insight into our multi-dimensional reality. Now, John converges with the '90's to envelop the new generation with digital brilliance.

Order Info: CORBAS, 786 6th Avenue, San Francisco, CA, 94118. USA.
(415) 751 6385 $25 USD. (not worth $5)

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