Psychic TV: Black
box scans & vid caps to follow soon....

Psychic TV: Black - Music, Live, Experimental 5

I'm not much of a PTV fan, but this video is worthwhile in a mild way nonetheless.

Box says: BLACK is a chronicle of PSYCHIC TV's last incarnation in Britain before fabricated accusations, and anti-tattoo and anti-piercing frenzy forced Genesis P. Orridge into exile in California, Katmandu and Bangkok. These PTV parties were primarily leaked to thee public by word of mouth and were - as you will see - joyous, anarchic, hyperdelically fueled celebrations.

Contents: 1. Thee Infinite Beat
2. Intoxication
3. Surrender
4. Horror House
5. Jigsaw
6. Money for E...
7. Black

Order Info: Cleopatra, 8726 South Sepulveda, Suite # D-82, Los Angeles, CA, 90045. USA.

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