Lost in Silly Space

Lost in Silly Space - Psychedelic, Sci-Fi Spoof, 2

From Dr. Devious of "Dancing in CyberSpace" fame, I thought if his last flick was so good, then this had to be worthwhile. Well, I think I was wrong. This tape could be laughable if your brain was quite far away at the time, as it follows the outer space trek of rubberized finger puppets with a hyperdelic overlay of a colorful
spooful nature. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone but the hardcore collector.

Box says: From Dr. Devious & The Wisemen, creators of the cyberdelic computer graphic audio-visual video series, that you all know and love, and that inspired many others to follow, comes the next pioneering achievement in milestones. Yes, the movie has arrived! Prepare yourself for something you definitely will not
forget. Warning!: We can not take responsibility for how silly you might become whilst watching this video.

Order Info: G.J. Productions, PO Box # 5105, London, W4 5ZZ, England.

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