Spectrasphere - Kaleidoscopic, Ambient

The box looked cool, and besides, I try to acquire all the videos within the genre that we cater to here. There are some good images that would make good luma or chroma keys for your own explorations. It's also pretty cool to watch this the first time around, and as the box says, it is quite relaxing, combined with cheesy new-age synth music. I'd recommend this to a certain group of people, and if you don't like it, you always have a gift that you can give your Mom!

Box says: Barbara Mitchells's SPECTRASPHERE turns your TV into a mesmerizing, ever-changing kaleidoscope. This super clear, high-resolution video is an excellent tool for relaxation and stress reduction. Thirty minutes of brilliant kaleidoscopic imagery unfold in three difference visual suites set to music. I: Reminiscent of ever-changing stained-glass windows. ][: Evokes mystery & suspense with the unique images of Adam Peiperl. ]I[: Finale features beautiful floral imagery, by Robin Constable Hanson.

Box comments: 1. At last - a video that actually captures the magic found in kaleidoscopes! Images that soothe and stimulate at the same time. Sensational!

2. A stunning visual delight which nurtures, heals, and transforms by dissolving tensing through its archetypical imagery, color & sound.

3. Meditate with this tape. The interwoven symmetry and rhythm promote holistic health through inner harmony and inspiration.

There are others, but you get the idea

Order Info: I've been informed by Robin C Hanson, that Barbara now resides in Sandpoint, Idaho, a small trendy town near the Canadian border.  I'm note sure if she'd be the one to contact to order tapes.  Perhaps a search on Amazon for a used copy might work just as well.

Additional notes: I recently received an email from the person who originally created the photos that Barbara Mitchell turned into kaleidoscope images using her (patented) ultra-cool projection kaleidoscope.  His name is Robin Constable Hanson, and he maintains a website that is chock full of tons of very beautiful nature related photos.  He reminded me about the copyrighted nature of the work, so as not to encourage you to use the video aside from personal use.  I gather your limited sampling of the work in a personal artistic manner would be within the fair use laws, but I don't think many of us will ever have to test those issues.  

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