Along for the Ride: Wild Water

Along for the Ride: Wild Water - POV Water Sports
Time Life Video

I'm not exactly what you would call a sports fan, but I still like to collect sports-related productions that are shot from the view of the participant, usually with miniature CCD's. This video gives you a taste, albeit a very wet one, of the thrills and spills of those that not only like to push the competitive edge, but ride on it as well. These top athletes have donned helmet mounted cameras to bring us into the fluid mayhem of WILD WATER!

Box says: - Cut the Curl - Shoot the Rapids - Catch Extreme Air - Walk the Wake

Come Along For The Ride! A new world of extreme action adventure where mini-CAMS put you in the real hot seat. Forget everything you knew about water, and get ready for H20 with an attitude - coming at you full
blast. Don't even try to stay dry. We're heading for Hawaii to hang ten with legendary surfer Buzzy Kerbox. You'll punch the pipeline, cut the curls and survive monster waves and wicked wipeouts.

Want to be blown away? Try adding air, shoot the breeze with world champion windsurfer Robby Naish and experience the incredible power surge when wind and water collide. Throw in a mountain and you're... going
downhill fast. That's just part of the fun of running the white water in a rubber raft - where rocks and raging currents can rip it to shreds. What's making waves? Surfboards and outboard engines! Crazy! No, it's Wake
Boarding. The favorite new sport of the young and reckless. And it's easy to see why - "MORE POWER!" It's all here: a splash course in water at its wildest - good stuff to know before you try to go with the flow.

Order info: Time-Life Video, 777 Duke Street, Alexandria, VA, 22314, USA
(800) 621 7026.

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