Wonders in Light

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Wonders In Light - Crystal Light Show, Soothing
Previously released as 1994, 30 min
'Crystal Light & Andromeda: Journey Through Inner Space'

Box says: Wonders in Light is a natural light show created from amethyst and quartz crystals. Gene Falk has constructed a unique optical bench with lenses inherited from his father, a telescope enthusiast. By refocusing these lenses from outer space to the inner space of crystals, Gene has revealed a remarkable realm of nature.
Become absorbed by the radiant beams, gleaming facades, fractured fissures and expansive auroras of a primitive world encapsulated for eons. These moving lightscapes evoke a sense of awe over the translucent luminosity of crystals. Enjoy these visions of nature's glory accompanied by the instrumental compositions of Anne Williams.

Order Info: Gem Graphics Video, Box # 2131, Sedona, AZ, 86336. USA.
Also distributed by: New Era Media, San Francisco, CA.

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