X-Mix 1 - The MFS TRIP        

X-MIX-1 Techno-Trance, Comp Grafix - The Made-For-Success Mix DJ Paul van Dyk

This video is the first in the series of the widely available and successful X-MIX computer animation to techno-trance music videos put out by K-7. A diverse selection of computer art from all over the world, mixed together fluidly, produce a video which will be enjoyed by the conservative to the extremist. Very well put together.

Back of box says: The aim of this project is to present the music of contemporary labels combined with computer generated video animation by selected graphic designers. The music featured on this impressive video was compiled from the massive MFS catalogue, and mixed by Germany's leading trance- house DJ 'Paul van Dyk. Through his mastery, discover how the graphics and music unfold as the trip gains momentum, creating ultimately the finest in audio-video stimulation. For the first time you can experience visually the music as it varies from trance-ambient to house to hardcore, taking you on an unforgettable MFS trip through synthetic virtual reality.

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