X-Mix 2 - Destination Planet Dream      

X-MIX-2 Techno-Trance, Comp Grafix
Destination Planet Dream Laurent Garnier

Not too much more description to offer here, the second in the X-MIX series, more of the same, & definitely a worthwhile addition to your library.

Box says: The controls are set for Laurent Garnier's visual voyage to Planet Dream. This unique mix of musical styles melting together into a collage of sound ranging from house to original techno, through acid and trance. An aural experience visualized with beautiful computer animations by 13 of our world's pioneering digital-visual-artists which will undoubtedly propel your mind into a digital reality never before explored. The soundtrack, chosen and mixed live by Laurent Garnier is awesome! He guides you through a selection of music from some of the world's most innovative independent house labels guaranteeing the highest state of the art digital sound and vision.

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