X-Mix 6 - Electronic Storm

Box says: With The Electronic Storm, the X-MIX series continues its bold advances into the visual translation of techno. To a revelatory mix supplied by acclaimed London DJ Mr C., here some of the world's most imaginative digital animators sweep you off into a howling hurricane of video imagery. With a mix designed by Mr C. as a thought-provoking journey into the spirit of the beat, and computer animations conceived as a voyage into a series of state of the art virtual realities, this is a hurricane of colour and sound, rhythm and shape, dance beats and digital images. X-MIX The Electronic Storm will simply blow you away.

Order Info: Stud!o K7, Leipziger Str. 54, 10117, BERLIN.
Fax: 49/30/204 44 56. E-mail: K7@contrib.de  
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