VJ Digital Video Clip Area Description

In this area you will be able to download public domain digital video clips for use in your VJ sets. To upload a file, connect to the EyeCandy FTP site with your FTP client and stick it in the uploads subdirectory of the AudioVisualizers folder. If you don't know how to use FTP, you have the option of submitting a clip by attaching it to an email, and sending it to us, or give us a www pointer to it, be it on your site, or wherever. There is no limit on file size, but under 20 megs per is a good bet, not all of us have cable modems or better. Any formats are acceptable, be it .AVI, .MOV, any flavour of MPEG, .QT, .FLI, or .FLC. Other formats are fine too, but those are the ones of preference. Please, no Real Media files, they are great for online viewing but essentially crap for anything else. Note: Please only submit clips that you are sure are public domain, or are your own; we have done our best to ensure what we have online meets this criteria, although this is largely based on the word of people like you. When it comes to sampling films, this is ok by me, as they are most often short samples, psychedelisized, and the intended use is low-budget art rather than commercial. We prefer quality over quantity, after all webspace and bandwidth cost us money. If the clips are looped, great! If not no worries - oh and Cinepak compression at 320 by 240 or so is a good bet for file size vs quality, and if it has sync'd audio, be it music or otherwise- so much the better! Oh, and I will be cycling online content month by month, with everything available on CDR ( I have dozens thus far ), in trade for a VJ tape by you, or other special request. Some of the initial content here I created a long, long time ago, but most is PD. It is intended more for newer VJ's, because it seems as you progress in this business you sample less and less, time permitting, and create your own work from scratch, or thereabouts, as it tends to make you feel more accomplished in your performance. At least that's how I found it.

A Note about .FLI / .FLC file formats:

This is a bit of an older format, but still equally valid, and providing good response time & content. Almost all flicks I've collected loop relatively seemlessly, and most are computer animated. Some seem to play a tad faster than intended on high-end machines, although I'm not sure on this, because they still look quite wicked. Most Flicks key very well with luma-key due to the stark contrast of content and background, ones I think will do this more dramatically, I've suffixed with "KKK" to denote it. As well, at the end of the description of all clips, regardless of format, I've put a # from 1 to 10, meant as a quick rating as suited for VJ usage. The flicks average 2 megs or less, although some are as big as 5 megs. Usually PC users have auto-viewing selected, so to download a clip rather than viewing it, right click on your selection, select "Save Target As...", and then choose where on your HD to put it. Easy!

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