Please note: The hotline server is now back online - on a different IP #

There are three main levels of access: 
Guest     for trading of non original content
Level 1  an upload only account, for your original material
Level 2 full up/down access to the main archive

Please read the server login agreement and the FAQ section in the Newsgroup area of the server for extended and the most up to date info regarding accounts, and access levels.

-Remote server admin: Morph

Getting Started

The VJ Loop Server uses a file sharing/BBS application called HOTLINE.  Very likely you are already familiar it, but if not, you can follow the links to read a bit more, and to download the client software for: PC or MAC.

After you've got the Hotline client installed, hit the servers button, then the connect to server button, and enter in the following connect info:
Login:  guest
Pass: loops

And you should be able to figure it out from there.

Please read the user agreement so you know how to request a dedicated account, with access to the full 80+ GB archive of VJ Loops.

Server Specifications:
-Dedicated Mac 800 Mhz G4
-512 Megs RAM
-320 GB total HD space
-Auto crash recovery & a
-1000 Watt UPS

You can get full access to all the content on the server, either by uploading 500 megs of ORIGINAL content, or now, with a new experiment - by subscribing on a monthly basis.  This is an alternative for people that otherwise might buy content on CDR's from us, and don't have original content to contribute.  Revenue from CDR sales and monthly subscriptions help offset the growing expenses of the services we provide (eg: server cost me over $ 3,000, and server bandwidth/traffic costs us approx $500/month).
Subscribe for a full access subscription to the VJ Loop Server for $10 per month
 ($20 for the 1st month, then $10 billed each month, cancel at any time)

After you subscribe, we will email you with your account info within 24 hours, and you can begin downloading content from the full server archive right away, once you receive your account details. 

Here are some rough terms of the server subscription agreement.

March 2003: We are now are on a 10Mbps connection for the ultimate in hi-speed file transfers!  This is all for you, the community,

HI-SPEED VJ Loop Server Content

Guest & LEVEL 2 USER UPLOADS - You get 7 DVDR's totaling over 30 GB of the latest clips & loops uploaded to our VJ Loop Server, from fellow VJ's and digital video artists around the world.  Content ranges from 320x240 for performance purposes, to 720x480 NTSC / 720x576 PAL for broadcast resolution work.  Most content is encoded with cross-platform codecs, although some is platform specific.  We had previously been selling these DVDR's for $30 each, but now you can get all 7 for only $120 - That's only $4 per GB!! - Money raised from sales here goes to offset the growing costs of bandwidth on our Loop Server.

  Click here for visual previews of the content on these 7 DVDR's.

7 DVDR's - $120

You might also want to check out our other loop collections:


All Member Access - VJ Clip DL Area #1

I've changed this area around a bit.  It now has clips and loops taken from our VJ Loop CDR Archive.  Due the fairly large file sizes, to save $$ on hosting/bandwidth, there are just a small # of clips here.  If you like what you see, I highly encourage you to get some CDRs or DVDs from our Archive - they are cheap, or free if you trade some of your own material.  Although you can click on the link and view the clip in your browser, it might be better to just save the file to your HD.   If you have a PC, please right click on the file name, and choose "save as" to download the file.
ND1 Sample
ND2 Sample
ND3 Sample
ND4 Sample
ND5 Sample
 ND6 Sample
 ND7 Sample
 ND8 Sample
 ND9 Sample
ND10 Sample
ND11 Sample
ND12 Sample
ND13 Sample
ND14 Sample
ND15 Sample
ND16 Sample
ND17 Sample
ND18 Sample
ND19 Sample
ND20 Sample
ND21 Sample
ND22 Sample
ND23 Sample
TMK1 Sample TMK2 Sample TMK3 Sample TMK4 Sample TMK5 Sample
TMK6 Sample VMX1 Sample HR1 Sample HR2 Sample
Unlinked Previews to come soon....

If you liked these, then head to the VJ Loop CDR Archive to get full CDR's & DVD's of VJ Loops !